Top 5 High Quality RV Covers To Protect Your Motor Home

An RV cover is an affordable long-term investment that allows you to protect your motor home from the elements, UV and debris damage, moisture, dust and other particulates, and prying eyes. Before checking out the top five high-quality RV covers, learn about the best cover materials and how to install a cover.


Best RV Cover Materials

Whether you’re searching for RV or car covers, the material they are made from is one of the most important buying factors. When you’re looking for an RV cover, you want to seek materials like polypro that offer the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Fast drying
  • Water repellence
  • UV and dirt protection


How To Install An RV Cover

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, from folding and non-folding campers to travel trailers. Because every model of RV is different, it’s always best practice to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions since they account for the design features of your RV and cover, such as a car cover with zipper.

No matter the product you end up with, here are a couple of general pointers on installing RV covers:

  1. Prepare for the installation by padding your RV’s sharp corners and edges and lowering or removing antennae, if possible.
  2. Start installing the cover from the rear of the vehicle and work your way forward.
  3. Once the installation is complete, walk around your RV and double-check the cover’s fit and security.


Top 5 RV Covers

Now that you’ve got the basics on materials and installation, here’s a top-five cover list for a few classes of RV to help you see what’s available.


  1. Classic Accessories Polypro 3 Class A RV Cover: Constructed of triple-ply Polypro 3 and breathable single-ply Polypro 1 sides with an integrated air-vent system, it protects your RV’s exterior and prevents moisture buildup. Adjustable tension panels and elasticized corners create a snug fit.
  2. Budge Premier Class B RV Cover: 100 percent waterproof, this cover offers outstanding outdoor protection for Class B RVs of varying sizes. Made of heavy-duty 300 denier polyester, it features taped seams, full-height zippered panels and a unique adjustable design.
  3. Camco Ultraguard Class C Travel Trailer Cover: Heavy-duty propylene fabric makes this cover a great match for wet and windy conditions. Its self-adjusting feature makes installation efficient. The fully breathable design deters mold and mildew from growing and vented flaps reduce moisture.
  4. Adco SFS AquaShed Pop-Up Camper Cover: Designed for short-term storage in moderate moisture and climate conditions, the cover is made of heavy-duty three-layer fabric with breathable side panels. It offers a custom-like fit thanks to its contour design, a cinch rope, and reinforced elastic corners.
  5. Classic Accessories PermaPRO Teardrop Trailer Cover: The extra-strength advanced Ripstop fabric is surprisingly lightweight compared to other covers. An integrated strapping system and zippered panels for access to doors and compartments make installation and organization much easier.


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