Hani Zeini Explains How Technology Can Help Small Business Ventures

Small business entrepreneurs often fear that their stringent budget may limit their access to technology to build their business. Running small business enterprises means that there are limited resources and a novice workforce. For streamlining operations, you require a handsome budget that will help you to grasp those technologies that will give a positive boost to your enterprise. Various surveys reveal that you may create brand awareness and attain success when using the right technology with the correct approach and proper amalgamation of resources. Hence, Hani Zeini helps small business entrepreneurs with decent tips on how technology can encourage small ventures.

Take a look at the following points to grow your small ventures by Hani Zeini

  • Work on your website: In the technologically driven world, it is imperative to make every possible effort to make your institution quickly found on the digital platform. Clients take curiosity in a clean, sharp, and attractive website, which gives an impression of professionalism. Working on the websites to create business profiles may also help attract new clients. When you work on your web presence, it increases the chances of being found on search engines. You may employ SEO practices to heighten your search engine presence.
  • Social media: Social media fiddles a significant role in building strong entrepreneur customer relations. When you are active on the social media platform, it creates a positive impact on the customers. It also helps in building trust and brand awareness among them. In this connection, Hani Zeini states that various equipment is available on the social media platform that you may wield for giving the much-needed boost to your establishment.
  • Stay connected to your clients: You may use tablets or smartphones to stay related to your potential customers. When the customers see that you are taking the much-needed possible step to engage with them and borrow their opinion in your business planning, it creates a lasting impression. For this, you need to have a dedicated tablet or smartphone to reach the customers who matter to you. These investments will eventually help you grab more profit for your enterprise.
  • Online systems: If you provide tracking expenses or invoices to the clients, you need to have an effective technique. There are different programs that you may use for gaining an affordable and accessible online presence. These interfaces are both accessible and easy to learn from any mobile device or computer.
  • Calendar system or project management: If you are managing documents and appointments regularly for your clients, you have to keep everything centralized and organized. For this, you may use a calendar system or project system to get everything in place. Using these strategies, the employees will access the client documents, their schedules, and share updates.


It comes without saying that the digital platform has enormous amounts of benefits associated with it. Hence, the entrepreneur can profoundly change their enterprise by using different technical tools and applications. These investments may bring tremendous benefits if you choose wisely.


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