How to Raise a Healthy Dog


Statistics show that 95.5% of dog owners consider their pets to be a part of their family. A companion to play outside with and lounge on the couch with. Dogs can be a calming presence in a busy home and give more than they take. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to raise a healthy dog to live a long life with you and your family.


Proper Nutrition

What your dog eats will have an effect on how long it will live. Many dog owners overfeed or underfeed their dogs, so learning the proper amount based on your dog’s breed and their activity level is important. A young labrador may eat more than an older German Shepard. There are many different brands to choose from, so finding a fit that agrees with your dog’s digestive and gut health is key. Be careful when switching brands of food, as your dog may take time to adjust to the new recipe.


Focus on Regular Exercise

Like humans, dogs need regular exercise. They are active pets and are not meant to be sedentary for 20 hours a day. This exercise can come in many different forms. First, you can take them for a walk. This is an easy solution that you can build into your morning and evening routine. It also lets you keep track that they exercised for 20 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. The dog will appreciate the routine as well and come to expect it as a part of their day.


Keep up on Grooming

Have you ever seen a pet that has been ungroomed? Do they look healthy? The lack of grooming not only affects the outward appearance of a dog but can have damaging effects on its skin. Dirt, moisture, and bacteria can build up and cause issues if it is not addressed. One way to avoid this is to groom your dog regularly. This includes brushing their fur every few days and regularly bathing them yourself or taking them to a pet place that does grooming. In addition, trying salmon bites for dogs regularly can help them maintain a healthy coat and skin. This will supplement the grooming that you are already doing and help their skin stay healthy long-term.


Interaction with other Dogs

Dogs crave social attention and not all of this can be solved by the owner giving them attention. This can be achieved by going to the local dog park or getting together with family and friends that also have dogs and letting them play for a few hours. This will help break up the mundane day-to-day for your dog since they don’t travel to work and other places like humans do. There is a new sense of energy and discovery whenever dogs meet for the first time and get to play together.


Proper Amount of Attention

Neglected dogs are a difficult sight to see. You probably have seen the result of this in rescue shelters or maybe even in your neighborhood. People that are too busy to care for a dog or no longer want it, typically don’t treat them with respect. Giving your dog the right amount of attention so that it feels loved and cared for is an important part of its overall health. Rewarding good behavior and finding ways to calmly address poor behavior will help the relationship between you and your dog.


Vet Checkups

Humans typically go for a yearly physical to see a picture of their overall health. This same concept is important for dogs to go to the vet. Not only can they get the preventative flea medication they need or the rabies shot, but you can also see what their overall health is like. You may find that your dog is overweight and needs to make nutritional and exercise changes moving forward.


Practice Patience

A dog is looking straight to its owner

Dogs are not humans. As much as they feel like they are a part of the family, owners can have unrealistic expectations of how the dog will act. They are an animal and will occasionally go crazy with energy when they spot a squirrel. Chasing the neighbor’s cat up a tree is a burst of adrenaline for them and seems harmless. Practicing being patient when teaching your dog how you expect them to act will help the process go smoother for both you and the dog.
Now that you have read more about tips for raising a healthy dog, you can start practicing these tips today. Adding a walk into your day with your dog can bring many positive benefits to both of your health. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one. 

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