9 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Spotless


The kitchen is one of the most crucial places in the house. Some designers refer to it as the heart of the home. People not only eat there, but minds congregate and trade ideas and stories.

That’s why this is the one room that should never be dirty.

Healthline recently published the kitchen as becoming the dirtiest room in the house. People often think that spaces like the garage or living room are the dirtiest.

But the National Sanitation Foundation insists that any room that stores food is a risk. And these rooms-kitchens-require frequent cleaning.

If you’re looking for ways to tidy up the kitchen, read on. We take a look at some kitchen cleaning tips that get the job done.


Clean as you cook

It will help if you discipline yourself when it comes to cleaning. This may be challenging at first, but it will only get better as you move along.

The next thing you know, you will be doing it without much thought.


Clean your fridge regularly

A good rule of thumb is to be diligent every day to prevent cross-contamination and ickiness in general. Clean up any spills that occur right away with a cloth moistened with food-safe antibacterial spray.

And what we usually tell our clients at Planet Maids Cleaning Services NYC is to ensure that their meat packaging is not leaking. Please put it in a sealable storage bag or container until such time that you’ll cook it.


Take the grease off kitchen walls

How often you’ll give your backsplashes and cupboards a deep clean usually depends on how often you cook.

It is common for the oil to splatter on the wall when you’re cooking. But that doesn’t mean that you should let it be. The grease and grime can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which could lead to food poisoning.

What you can do is soften the grease and grime using a clean sponged that is soaked in warm, soapy water. Use it to wipe away the grease and then dry it with a clean dish towel.

Stubborn stains may call for a baking soda spot treatment or a spritz of distilled white vinegar.


Remove the grease on your stove

Kitchens can get pretty messy if you don’t have the time to stay on top of them. And nothing seems to build up more quickly than grease on your stovetop and stove eyes.

Even if you don’t cook that often, grease somehow manages to appear.

However, you don’t want the room you prepare and eat your food to be covered in spatters and grime. Learn how to remove grease from your stove and its eyes.


Don’t neglect your microwave

All it takes is one round of leftovers or burnt bag of popcorn to turn a sparkling clean microwave into a grimy, smelly mess. The key to having a clean microwave is regular maintenance.

Unlike other kitchen appliances, you can clean a microwave using everyday pantry supplies. This includes baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar.


Wash the dishes right away

When it comes to dishes, which is easier?

Rinsing off the mashed potatoes as soon as you’re done and putting the plate in the dishwasher
Waiting several hours and then scrubbing with all your might to remove the dried potatoes from the plate


Doing the dishes is ten times easier and about 20 times faster if you do them immediately. While it is tempting to stick your lunch dishes in the sink, a few extra minutes now is so much better than a few extra hours later.


Wipe the countertops

Your kitchen counter is the workhorse of the kitchen. Even when you’re not cooking, you might still need to use your kitchen counter.

The countertop is where you unpack your groceries or put everything when cleaning your cupboard. It is most likely that you spend your breakfast here instead of the dining table.

That said, it is essential to wipe down the kitchen countertops to keep it clean. You can also apply a layer of protection on kitchen surfaces to keep them clean for longer.


Give your sink a good scrubbing

Stainless steel is notorious for showing water spots, so be sure to wipe your clean sink down using a plush microfiber cloth to dry and buff.

When scrubbing your kitchen sink, start with the sides of the basin and work your way down, pushing any grime directly into the drain.

Keep adding soap and water as needed, or until the surface is scum-free. Then, rinse with clean water.


Keep it organized

The kitchen should be the home’s soul, but it takes a little organization to be up to the task.

Luckily, you don’t need fancy cabinets or expensive organization arrangements to have an efficient kitchen. You can discard or relocate many kitchen items so you can free up some storage space.

Doing so allows you to have an enjoyable cooking environment.


Over to You

Since the kitchen is a high-traffic space, it can be challenging to keep it clean and spotless. Plus, this is where we usually dine, which makes the space prone to food crumbs and spills.

But with the help of the tips listed above, we hope you can achieve an immaculate kitchen.

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