7 Gorgeous Ideas To Freshen Up Your Bedroom Decor

bedroom decor ideas

We all need a personal getaway to retreat to after a long day, and no other room in our homes does a better job at that than our bedroom. But just like your living room and your kitchen, your sleeping station could also use a couple of updates from time to time just to make things feel fresh and new. With that in mind, here are seven gorgeous bedroom decor ideas to inspire your next bedroom makeover.


Roll out a cozy new rug

A well-chosen rug can really enhance the look of your bedroom as it brings in just the right amount of warmth and coziness. It also creates structure and adds texture while also tying all the elements in and boosting the room’s visual interest. Deep-pile rugs work best in bedrooms since they soften the footfall and look chic and luxurious, but it’s best that you choose one that fits your needs, bedroom style, and lifestyle, especially if you have kids or pets. While you’re at it, make sure to get some matching curtains as well. They’ll complete your bedroom look and upgrade it in a jiffy.


Update your bedding

Beautiful bedding textiles are hallmarks of a well-designed and welcoming bedroom, and when paired with oversized throws, comforters, or multiple different-sized pillows, you get a multi-tiered effect and comfortable cloud-like style. To ensure all-season comfort, check out brands such as Wake in Cloud who offer contemporary designs and mix and match shades that make styling your bedding easy and fun. By getting some new bedding, not only will you manage to freshen up your bedroom decor, but you’ll also transform the room’s vibe and create a relaxing haven you will love coming home to.


Invest in a chic bedside lamp

Every room in your house can benefit from additional lighting, and your bedroom is no exception. Having different light sources in addition to basic overhead lighting means you can easily change the ambiance and create the desired vibe at the flick of a switch. A chic bedside lamp is a relatively inexpensive bedroom upgrade, and other than being a functional add-on, it’ll also act as a pretty decor piece that’ll beautify your bedside table. Style it right, and you’ll get a dreamy nightstand that won’t just serve as a dumping ground for chapsticks and loose change.


Open up the space with mirrors

Mirrors, just like lighting fixtures, are both functional and decorative add-ons that can take your bedroom decor to a whole new level. With strategic mirror placement, you can easily make your bedroom look bigger (if that’s what you’re aiming for) as well as brighter since they’ll reflect and bounce around the sun rays coming through your bedroom window. Plus, mirrors will make styling your outfits in the morning so much easier. Get a full-length one with a pretty frame, and you’ll really be stepping up your mirror selfie game.


Spruce it up with a feature wall

Bare white walls and neutral, bright shades are hallmarks of clean, contemporary bedroom design, but there’s no reason not to take this trend and put your own twist on it. Keep three of your bedroom walls neutral, and use the fourth one to create a feature wall. Removable statement wallpapers are your best friend when it comes to adding bedroom accents, and they’re temporary so you can easily switch them up when you get bored. You can also paint your feature wall, add tiles or temporary wood planking, or use a stencil to introduce colors and patterns and create a stunning focal point.


Show off your artistic side with artwork

Speaking of decorating your bedroom walls, another way to freshen up your bedroom decor is to introduce some funky wall art. Hanging artwork is one of the simplest ways to add character to a room and show off your artistic side. And it doesn’t have to be something pricey. Nowadays, you can easily populate your bedroom walls by heading to your local thrift store and picking up a few vintage pieces. Alternatively, you can print a couple pictures and frame them, or make your own art if you’re feeling creative.


Breathe new life with some cute plants

When it comes to refreshing your bedroom decor, you simply can’t go wrong with introducing houseplants. Beautiful and functional, plants add a pop of color to neutral rooms and bring in just the right amount of natural appeal while keeping the bedroom air clean and fresh. The best part? They work for practically every bedroom design style, and you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to start your own indoor garden. Even if it’s just a vase of fresh flowers, by adding touches of nature, you’ll manage to lift both your and your room’s mood and quite literally breathe new life into your sleep sanctuary.


Wrapping up

Sprucing up your bedroom doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, overwhelming, or expensive project. With a couple of easy decor tips up your sleeve, you can easily transform your bedroom on a budget and probably in a weekend.

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