5 Ways Marijuana Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

marijuana and yoga

In recent years, the world of medicines has experienced an enormous shift. People nowadays have become more skeptical about consuming prescribed medication because of its long-term side effects. Moreover, with cannabis entering the mainstream market and being sold by retailers like Wonder Buds, more people worldwide have started consuming it to alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms. While some users incorporate the natural supplement for its medicinal properties, others love to experience its recreational properties. For most users, the pot is an epitome of a rounded lifestyle, including work-life, fitness, and nutrition.


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No matter how often you eat healthily or work out extensively, essential ingredients to supplement your health are detrimental. When it comes to marijuana, especially indica heavy hybrids or indica can put you in a state of euphoria. Even if you are getting a sound sleep before going through a tough day at work or a power nap before your yoga or workout session, marijuana can help you and your body significantly.

Globally, several private teachers and yoga studios have now turned towards the use of marijuana to enhance and support their practices. Moreover, people who believe in yielding their marijuana often have a trusted source of premium marijuana seeds. Microdosing is one of the fundamental ways of consumption such studios and individuals adhere to. Taking a meager amount of the supplement and blending it with deep stretches or yoga sessions can help you synergize the entire experience and accommodate it to the next level.

Let’s do a quick rundown of some of the best ways marijuana can further enhance your yoga practice.


1. Marijuana can relax your mind and body.

Focus is pivotal while working out or practicing yoga. Since people perform yoga to eliminate negative energies from their bodies, they must go more in-depth into practice and reap considerable yoga benefits. Marijuana, with its THC levels, can help in reducing anxiety, physical discomfort, and stress. This not only enables you to experiment and test your limits coupled with new poses but also allows you to get more engaged while manipulating the body into several asanas (yoga postures).


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To supplement your yoga practice, start with a dose of 0.25ml. You can later increase the dose, depending on your experience and practice. Consume cannabis oil, tinctures, or CBD-infused products before beginning your yoga practice. The supplement interacts with your brain receptors and helps in increasing focus and concentration levels. However, consult an expert before introducing yourself to the supplement.


2. Marijuana can alleviate pain.

Are you practicing yoga while on the road or merely exploring it after a tough day on the field. You might be a recipient of pain and aches at the end of the day. Since yoga allows you to stay calm, pain can play a vital role in hindering your practice. Interestingly, marijuana can help. It is also essential to know that the possession of cannabis in the US is illegal. However, for medicinal marijuana, some regulations might differ. In that case, buy cannabis-infused or CBD products to support your workout and yoga sessions.

The supplement can help alleviate neuropathic pain, with the amount of analgesia, usually contingent on the THC amount. Marijuana tends to interact with the brain receptors and affect the ECS to alleviate chronic pain. This not only soothes your muscles before your yoga practices but also supplements it. However, start with small doses in the initial period.


3. Marijuana can regulate negative emotions.

Negative emotions are one of the factors that can hinder your ability to think and stay calm. People often practice yoga to lessen the impact of stress and depression. However, when it comes to malicious thought processes, you sometimes do not have enough control over your emotions. Such an approach can negatively impact your yoga practices. In simple words, if you cannot keep your emotions intact, performing yoga will not benefit you and your body.

Furthermore, the brain produces anandamide. However, only a neurotransmitter can perform such a process. After a specific period, such a system breaks down. Marijuana, on the other hand, subdues the enzymes, which impact the anandamide to break. This interaction helps in keeping your emotions in pace and promotes positive thinking. You do not feel stressed or anxious about such a practice.


4. A healthy immune system.

A synchronized immune system lets you enjoy yoga even more. For instance, let’s take your immune system is weak, or you have a low-level count of white blood cells. Such a condition will not keep your body robust against every severe condition. Your immune system lets you enjoy your tasks, daily routine, and promotes healthy living. Hence, you need to keep a check on your body. This would not only help you in rejuvenating your senses but will also keep you on track. Some people tend to take prescribed medication while others resort to alternative supplements like marijuana or several compounds.


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Cannabis can impact specific receptors in the body to increase the count of white blood cells. One of the studies also shows that cannabis helps keep a balance in the body, affecting the immune system to fight against unknown pathogens and viruses. This allows the body to stay in healthy shape and ultimately enables you to enjoy yoga practices without hindrances.


5. Marijuana can help you stay connected spiritually.

Staying connected spiritually while practicing yoga is pivotal. Not only does it allow you to reap the most of yoga but also enables your body to perform and react better to such practices. Marijuana, however, accommodates an extensive amount of THC that can make you experience euphoria and bliss. This creates more space for you to stay spiritual.

Consuming such a supplement can help you stay calm, alleviate pain, stress, and depression symptoms. Since marijuana allows you to engage with a new self, it can help you stay spiritually connected while practicing yoga.


Final Thoughts

In the modern age, several things have changed around the use of marijuana for routine practices. More people worldwide are consuming the supplement to enhance their workout and yoga experience. If you have racing thoughts, negative emotions, or cannot connect spiritually, start with small doses of marijuana. However, consulting an expert or a doctor before incorporating the substance is essential.







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