Party Planning 101


Everyone loves going to a party, as they are a great way to have fun and socialize with friends. However, planning a party is a completely different story, as a party planner has many tasks to complete and roles to fulfill. In addition, if a party ends up flopping then the planner is the one who is usually blamed, adding a lot of pressure. So how can you ensure that everything goes according to plan when throwing a party? Here’s a guide to ensure you plan the best party possible.


Venue and Location

The first thing you should think about when planning a party is the venue and its location. You want to have a venue size that matches the party’s size. For example, if you’re having a large party you’ll want to have a large venue so that there’s enough room to accommodate all your guests. If you’re having a relatively small party, then there’s no need to waste money renting out a large venue, as you’re likely just wasting money on a venue that will make the party seem empty and lifeless. You also want the party to be in a convenient location, because if it’s too much of a hassle for guests, then they simply won’t come. Finally, you’ll have to handle things like parking or alternative transportation in order to make things easier for your guests.


Guest List and Invitations

The next step you need to take in your party planning is planning out what your party’s guest list is going to look like. Inviting the right guests to your party will have a huge impact on the success of the event. You want to invite fun people that know how to have a good time and will socialize. You also want to be careful of inviting people that may have bad blood or don’t speak to each other. If you get these people that have dislike for each other in the same room with alcohol involved, then there could be a large amount of drama. As a result, you need to be smart with who you’re inviting. As for the invites themselves, you’ll want to ensure that the details of the party are clearly stated in order to eliminate any potential confusion. You also will probably want to make the invitations look nice and special, as they will set the tone for a great party.


Food and Beverages

Another important part of planning a party is providing the right food and beverages for all of your guests. Not only do you want to have a large quantity of food in order to feed your partygoers, but you will also want to have high-quality food as well. No one wants to eat bad tasting food, especially at a party when it can be a major mood killer. As for drinks, the same rings true, as you’ll want to provide plenty of beverages like water and soda. You’ll also want to have plenty of alcohol on hand for those that are old enough to drink it. Having high-quality alcohol at your party can make people more social and relaxed, adding to a great party environment.



Although it’s one of the last things you likely plan, the entertainment you provide at a party is still extremely important. The entertainment you choose is often the life of the party. If you choose an entertainer that flops, likely the party will as well. As a result, you may want to use a special form of entertainment like live entertainers. Now you may think “Where can I find live entertainment near me?”, but there are actually lots of places where you can look. You can check talent websites or get in touch with agencies that may be able to point you in the direction of some suitable clients. Finding the right form of entertainment can be a huge boost to your party, so it’s extremely important that you plan it out correctly.

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