How to Use Custom-Printed Acrylic Signs to Create Safer Office Environments

Acrylic sign

Custom acrylic signs with your company’s name and logo can increase awareness of potential hazards or provide warnings in any work area.


Acrylic signs help to create a safer office environment by:

• acting as a hazard warning sign where necessary,

• performing as an informative guide for workers and visitors, and

• getting your message across in the most effective way possible.


5 Main Advantages of Custom-Printed Acrylic Signs

1. Acrylic signs are durable and long-lasting

Because acrylic has such high impact strength, it can be used to display graphics on building exteriors without easily being damaged from weather elements or vandalism. The acrylic panels you design will also last for years when treated with care.

2. Acrylic signs are low-maintenance

Acrylic is resistant to acidic materials, detergents, and chemicals. This means acrylic signage won’t need regular cleaning like some other types of signage boards or displays do. You can simply wipe acrylic signs with a dry cloth when it needs a quick dusting or a more thorough clean.

3. Acrylic signs provide clear messages in any environment

Acrylic panels are crystal clear and make messages easy for your customers to see which deliver the intended results in all signage applications without compromising on quality or impact. This type of sign will make sure you get across information clearly using imagery and wording that’s easily understood by everyone who reads it (if design guidelines are followed).

4. Acrylic signs are cost-effective and versatile

Acrylic can be used in a number of different ways depending on the wording and graphics you decide to use and acrylic signs will not only look good but also present your company well. Clear acrylic panels enclosed by aluminum profiles give acrylic signage a truly professional appearance that’s great for branding while also being durable, economical, and lightweight.

5. Acrylic signs are customizable with designs that stand out

You can create acrylic signage that fits into any environment using colors, shapes, or textures to get attention or logos & text to display information that people need to see without distractions getting in the way. A range of interior acrylic panel types gives you many options when designing acrylic signage for indoor applications.

Acrylic Signs Are Ideal for Any Workplace

Acrylic sign
A sign of hazard is made on the acrylic basis

You can create acrylic signage with messages that inform, warn or remind people of their responsibilities. Acrylic is ideal for creating acrylic signs in any office setting whether you have message boards to display company rules, senior management notices, and color-coded badging systems to indicate areas of risk or even acrylic merchandising displays for product promotions.

To increase safety in the office, consider acrylic signs by Digital Grafik. Acrylic safety signs can help prevent accidents and injuries related to high-risk office environments, such as falls and fires. Plus, acrylic office signs are often used not only for compliance purposes but also for worker morale and convenience.

One of the acrylic sign’s biggest advantages is its versatility: 

Custom acrylic signage is available in a variety of sizes and colors that can be easily customized to display information according to your needs or specifications. That means acrylic signage works great for identifying potential risks throughout the workplace; you can use it to identify exit routes, dangerous work areas, emergency equipment locations, and more.

Acrylic signage is made from tough Plexiglas material so it can withstand wear and tear from daily use. The acrylic material is also non-conductive, which makes it a safer choice for use around any equipment that may pose a risk of electrocution. Plus acrylic signage never rusts or corrodes over time, so it retains its attractive appearance even in the most high-traffic areas.

In fact, acrylic signs work well as both indoor and outdoor office signage as acrylic eye-catching bright colors stand out against building exteriors as well as interior walls. In addition to acrylic’s durability, acrylic signs’ lightweight makes it easier to move indoors and outdoors as needed.

Acrylic office signs are perfect for creating safe work environments because they’re easy to read at a glance with their crystal-clear acrylic properties. Acrylic signs are a top choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor office needs, so contact Digital Grafik today to learn more about acrylic sign prices, acrylic signage design, and how acrylic signs can help keep your business’s office environment safe from accidents caused by high-risk areas in the workplace.


Acrylic signs are versatile, customizable, and ideal for any office environment as acrylic is safer than glass yet more durable than paper. Acrylic signage from Digital Grafik helps create a safe work environment as acrylic signs can be used to identify exit routes, fire hazards, emergency equipment areas, and more – acrylic safety signs are an effective way to improve safety in the workplace as acrylic signs are easy to read at a glance.

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