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Recovering from a sports injury requires proper care and rehabilitation. Physical therapy is an essential component of the process, designed to help you regain strength, functionality, and balance. Working with a skilled therapist as part of a well-designed rehab plan is key. Before selecting a provider for physical therapy in Jones Creek, Louisiana, there are a few things you should consider. 

Determining The Right Treatment

Sports medicine is an interdisciplinary approach that provides comprehensive care. It involves a team of experts: primary care physicians, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, biomechanists, and physical therapists. All this expertise is essential to aid in recovery from athletic injuries. 

So, how do these pieces fit together? And what role does sports physical therapy play in an overall treatment plan? Sports med and physical therapy focus on athletes. They consider an athlete’s body and how it moves when they’re playing certain sports. Due to each sport’s unique nature, you can expect different types of injuries. Basketball players, for instance, tend to suffer more torn knee ligaments, ankle sprains, and stress fractures in the feet and lower legs. Football players also suffer knee injuries and ankle sprains, but they’re also at higher risk for concussions, torn hamstrings, and shoulder dislocations. 

Each sports injury rehab plan looks a little different. However, these plans are guided by basic principles: diagnosis, controlling inflammation, encouraging healing, improving fitness, and minimizing the risk of reinjury. Most treatment plans include some common components: 

  •         Evaluation and assessment
  •         Taping and bracing
  •         Resistance, endurance, and neuromuscular training
  •         Manual and orthopedic physical therapy
  •         Sports-specific training


What To Expect

A schematic representation of sports medicine

When you begin a sports physical therapy program, you’ll first attend a comprehensive evaluation. You’ll be asked for details about your injury and undergo a physical. During this time, the practitioner will check your strength, range of motion, and movement mechanics. Depending on the nature of your injury, additional tests may be needed to gain a complete understanding of your injury.

Data from the evaluation is then used to craft a personalized rehab program. Part of the program includes the reduction of inflammation and pain in the injured area. Soft tissue massage plus techniques for restoring range of motion are often involved. Next, your program should focus on rebuilding strength, stability, and balance. The final phase typically includes sport-specific exercises along with a home exercise program and a return-to-sport plan. 

Choosing a Sports Med Provider

Now that you know the critical components of a sports med injury rehab program, your next step is choosing a provider. You may receive recommendations or referrals from a primary care physician, but you may also have the ability to pick a sports physical therapy practice. 

When you’re seeking Brittany, Louisiana physical therapy treatment, you’ll want to look for some important characteristics. IAny program should use evidence-based techniques. These include active physical therapy that works on strength, flexibility, and ergonomic retraining to prevent future injuries. Empathy and honesty are also vital qualities — your therapist should be frank about what to expect yet supportive in helping you achieve your goals. 

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