Top 9 Beauty Tips for Effortless Glow While Traveling

Any trip can take a toll on your skin, but why tolerate that? When can you prepare to avoid that eventuality instead? In this article, we’ll cover some beauty tips that can give you that glowy skin even under the stress of traveling.


1. Be prepared

Preparing for your trip and adjusting your beauty routine to accommodate that change goes a long way in ensuring that you keep up with it. That’s why if you’re about to embark on a trip, it’s a good idea to look at your beauty routine and see how it can shift to accommodate your plans.


Some people would start getting specific beauty procedures before the trip. For example, getting lash extensions and nail tech appointments is common.


By performing these procedures before your trip, you can reduce the steps in your beauty routine so that while you’re away, you can focus on enjoying your travel and not stress about your beauty routine.


Also, now is the time to minimize your skincare, body care, and haircare routine as much as possible. Ask yourself the minimum amount of products you need to achieve the foundational level you’re happy with regarding your beauty routine. Start whittling away at your beauty products so you don’t have to lug around tons of products on your trip.


2. Pamper yourself with laser hair removal treatment

We mentioned earlier that people about to go on a trip do specific beauty procedures right before to reduce their beauty maintenance tasks during the journey. One thing that you might consider doing is a laser hair removal treatment.


Laser hair removal works best for people with darker hair since it emits a light that melanin absorbs, which you can find with your hair. However, some laser procedures may also work even with individuals who have lighter hair. Make sure to ask a professional if that’s the case for you.


Timing is essential here. Since laser hair removal requires multiple sessions, you will need a long period between the final session and your trip. It would help if you did it six months before your trip.


It’s also a good idea to let your skin rest after the last session since going to the beach might aggravate your skin if you do it too close after a laser hair removal session.


3. Exfoliate your skin in advance

Exfoliating your skin while you’re on a trip might not be a good idea unless you’re there for a long time. Your skin might already be going through a lot since it is trying to adapt to different environments. Exfoliating it too deeply might harm your skin, so be mindful of exfoliating during travels.


Perhaps you can get away with lighter exfoliants that aren’t as stringent on your skin. Also, if you plan on exfoliating while traveling, make sure that you counteract that with some deeply moisturizing products. This step applies to both skincare and body care.


If you don’t want to exfoliate while traveling or if you’re traveling for no more than a week, you can opt to exfoliate before your trip instead. That way, you can use it days before your trip so your skin can recover and enjoy pictures of yourself on vacation with clearer skin.


4. Bring along your favorite facial cleanser

One skincare step you shouldn’t forego just because you’re traveling should be your cleansing stage.


Bring your gentle facial cleanser with you since all that traveling and the activities you do during it can lead to lots of dirt and debris, which you want to rinse out. A gentle cleanser keeps your skin free of dirt and preps it to absorb your other skincare products deeper into it.


A double cleanse is a good idea if you’ll wear makeup often during the trip. Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove harder-to-remove makeup. Then, use a lighter cleanser to complete the cleansing stage.


5. Keep your skin hydrated

Traveling can be drying for your skin. The fluctuating humidity levels, being exposed to the sun more, and even going to the beach or swimming in a swimming pool can all have such a drying effect. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack some moisturizing products for your skin, both your body and your face.


Lotions and body oils are great choices. Lotions can restore moisture to your skin, while many appreciate the extra glistening that body oils bring. However, using body oils in the sun can darken your skin and aggravate the effects of the sun’s rays, so be mindful of that.


For your face, a reliable moisturizer and a moisturizing sunscreen can be excellent choices for keeping your skin hydrated. Remember to bring lip moisturizers, too.


Remember to drink water frequently, especially if you’re going to be consuming things like alcohol, which can be drying already.


6. Bring along a facial mist spray

A facial mist spray is an excellent solution if you want a quick way to feel refreshed while hydrating your skin on the go. It can make your face look dewy and refreshed immediately, which is great when you’re not exactly in a place where you can whip out your skincare products freely. It’s also an excellent choice for dehydrated people.


7. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

If there’s any skincare product you should remember to bring, it should be sunscreen for your face and body.


Even if you think you’ll be indoors often (which will probably not happen when traveling), sunscreen is still an important step.


Aside from applying sunscreen, make sure to reapply it as well. If you do an activity that can wash it away or has made you sweat it out, it’s probably good to reapply sunscreen.


Also, consider getting reef-friendly sunscreen so that it doesn’t harm the natural environment, especially coral reefs, when you use it and then go for a swim.


8. Skincare during flights can make a big difference

Many people complain that going on flights can dry their skin. If this is the case for you, then it might be a good idea to have an in-flight skincare routine that you do to prevent that drying effect.


Some people like to apply a facial sheet mask as they’re on a flight, but if you’re too shy, you can use a thicker moisturizer instead. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips as well.


9. Get ready for acne breakouts

If you’re going to be moving around a lot and traveling, your skin might experience breakouts. Preparing an acne breakout treatment can help ensure you don’t feel self-conscious about your acne while traveling.


Given the strength of some anti-acne treatments, it’s a good idea to consult with a dermatologist first for advice. That way, you don’t end up worsening your acne, especially if you don’t know how your acne treatments may react to the activities you do on your travels and the skincare products you’ll be using there.



These beauty tips can make it much easier to keep up with your beauty routine even when you’re far away from home. If you plan to go on a trip, keep these beauty tips in mind so that you can enjoy your dream trip without feeling like your skin has been a nightmare the entire time.

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