Tips for Parenting Active Boys

Are you raising kids who are a bundle of energy? You will struggle to keep up with them before they get out of that playful stage. Although every child is different, the following tips will help you to keep up with active and playful boys:


You should incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Whether you opt for active games or exercise activities, just make sure that you add plenty of activity to your day. With plenty of exercise, your kids will burn energy and release stress.

Moreover, it is important to form healthy habits earlier in life. Buy a first aid kit for treating cuts and scrapes that result from rough play. However, if your little one gets badly hurt, you should take him to hospitals such as Seaview Ortho foot and ankle for a checkup. Our health is important at any age. Growing kids need the support of proper footwear just as much as adults do so they can maintain correct body alignment and stay comfortable in their active lives. Kids’ shoe inserts can help flat shoes be comfortable and supportive, which is especially important for children who are active.

Come up with a Routine

Spontaneity is fun but you need to teach your kids how to stick to a routine. If you are dealing with a hyperactive child, he will thrive on routines. If it is bedtime, you should have a bedtime routine that your kids can follow. Without a bedtime routine, you will have a hard time getting your kids to sleep.

When coming up with a bedtime routine, you should make it clear that they are not allowed to act crazy. Tell your little ones to calm down and prepare for sleep.

Assign Age-appropriate Chores

You should show your little one that you trust him with little responsibilities such as watering a plant. Odds are that your little boy will take joy in the chore instead of sulking as a teenager would. Toddlers love to contribute to the house chores because it makes them feel like a part of the household.

When the chore is complete, your child will have burnt energy and you will have one less thing to do around the house. Moreover, natural consequences such as the death of a plant usually teach great lessons. The key is to ensure that you give your son age-appropriate chores and supervise him.


Enroll your child in an active sport that keeps him running around. A good sporting activity allows your child to burn energy whilst encouraging cognitive and physical development. Sports also teach your child teamwork and discipline, making him a well-rounded individual. If your child ends up getting hurt on the field, you should visit professionals such as Portland sports injury doctors.  

Offer Choices

Whenever possible, you should try to give your child choices. Make sure that the choices you offer are suitable for his needs and appropriate. If you are raising an independent child, offering him choices will make him feel independent. However, choices are not always an option – when such situations arise, you should make it clear that there is no other choice.

Get Dirty Outdoors

Not every child likes to get muddy and dirty. However, you should let yours know that it is an option when playing outside. Life is too short to worry about staining clothes; you should let your child be a child. Digging in the soil is a great way for your little one to burn excess energy.

Of course, you should encourage your son to ask permission before going outside to play in the dirt. This way, you will be able to supervise his activities and ensure that he does not do anything dangerous.


Raising an active boy can be overwhelming, especially if you cannot keep up. You should enroll him in a sport, encourage exercise, offer choices, come up with a routine, assign age-appropriate chores, and allow him to get dirt outdoors. 

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