Three Interesting Ways to Decorate the Walls of Your Home

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Keeping your home looking great takes work, but, it is worth it. If you are due to update your home décor. I think you are going to enjoy this article and find it very useful. Below, I share with you several innovative, slightly different, ways for you to decorate your walls.

Use road and warning signs

For a game room, gym or maybe an office, road signs are a great option. They are big and bold, so you do not need many to make a difference and create an interesting look. You can easily order some stop signs online. These are an especially good option. They are bright and iconic. You will be surprised by how many rooms in your home these signs work for.

Full-sized wall stickers

Most people are aware of wall stickers. Lots of people use the tree style ones in their kid’s rooms and the logo or slogan type in other parts of their house.

But, not that many people are aware of the fact that you can buy wall stickers that cover the entire wall. These are available in a huge range of formats. Including prints that look like high-end wallpaper. The nice thing about these wall stickers is that there are no joins and putting up a wall sticker is a lot easier than wallpapering a room is.

Create your own customized wall hangings

Recently, a lot of people have got interested in crafts. If you are one of them, why not use your skills to create something interesting for your walls. You can easily find inspiration and how to instructions online. But, by far the best place to go for this kind of information is Pinterest. You will get tons of ideas and links to how to videos and articles.

Create a collage wall

If you have too many photos sitting on your hard drive, creating a collage wall is an excellent way to use and enjoy them. You can take several approaches to this idea.

The easiest way to do it is to buy a stack of affordable photo frames and spray or paint them to fit in with your home décor. Or, buy frameless ones, they are really cheap. Load each one with a photo and put them up on the wall in an arrangement that looks good. It could be in rows or something more creative like a heart shape.

Provided the frames are not very heavy, you can use glue or sticky pads to put them up. This will save you time and stop you from ending up with lots of holes in your walls.

Every now and again, take a few, or all of them, down and put some new photos in the frames. For even more variety, occasionally spray or paint the frames in new colors.

Provided you buy the right type of frame you also open up the option to display items like pressed flowers or autumn leaves instead of just photos. Some people use this idea to create something that is akin to a memory wall for important events or family holidays.

I promise you once you try some of these home decorating ideas you will be hooked and want to regularly swap things up to create new looks. When you do that remember to try to sell things like the stop signs or photo frames on via somewhere like eBay. This will stop them from ending up in landfill and give others the chance to enjoy decorating their home with them.

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