Things You Need To Know About Boat Accidents and Boat Accident Attorneys

Boat accidents are pretty much common and scary in the ocean. Whether it’s boating or any water-based accidents, they are so common that there exist many laws regarding boat, sea, ocean, or any other water transports.

Some boating accidents are inevitable while others are caused by driver’s inefficiency or because they drive under intoxicated conditions.

If you are unlucky to face an accident at the sea, you should consider hiring the best personal injury attorney, so they can help you with your maritime case. You need a lawyer who has massive knowledge in maritime law (admiralty law) and knows how to deal with these confusing laws. In other words, your attorney should have high experience in your state’s waterway laws.

What does Maritime Law do?

Maritime law or admiralty law is a body of law that involves accidents or private maritime disputes involving a navigable state of water. Maritime law is a federal law that means every state in the U.S is covered by the law and accident debates are mostly sorted out in federal court.

However, international water laws have been changed or modified over the decades.

Maritime law is not the only law that covers oceans or waterways. Each state that consists of a major part of the ocean has its own laws. When you’re taking your boat out to sea, you must abide by and respect all the laws.

What Boat Accidents Are Covered By Maritime Laws?

Maritime law or admiralty law covers various types of boat accidents. You need to hire a boat accident lawyer depending on your accident. However, the most common types of boat accidents are:

  • The impact between two vessels.
  • The impact between a vessel and a fixed object.
  • When the vessel is flooded.
  • Injury or death of vessel’s employee in navigable water.
  • Cargo damage during commercial shipping.
  • Criminal activities.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Boat Accidents?

The common boat accidents are caused by a few ordinary problems that could be avoided. However, the most common or terrible boat accidents include the following:

  • The inexperience of the driver while operating a vessel.
  • Boating while intoxicated.
  • Over speeding.
  • Machinery failure or lack of maintenance.

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Maritime Law Involves Some Statutes of Laws

You need to remember that there are some statutes of limitations when you want to file a case involving maritime law. If you’re wondering what Statutes of Limitations means, it’s simply the time you have between the accident and filing legal action for the incident.

The following is the most common admiralty statutes of limitations concerning boat accidents:

  • If an employee who deals with the transportation of goods faces any injury, then he can file a personal injury claim within 3 years of an accident. This is known as The Jones Act.
  • If an employee is wounded while laboring on a vessel, then they have a year to claim any lawful action to obtain worker’s compensation. This is known as Longshore Harbor and Worker’s Compensation Act.

What to Do When a Boating Accident Occurs

According to, 613 people died as a result of boat accidents in 2019. If you’re unfortunately involved in a boat or any waterway accident, there are some important steps you should keep in mind:

  • You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The medical bill is crucial to file any legal action.
  • You need to gather insurance information.
  • Create an official report for the vessel owner or the employee.
  • Focus on gathering evidence.

What Evidences You Should Use?

When you face a boat accident, you will most likely take legal action with the help of your attorney. In that case, you must have evidence of your accident. Here are a few points you should remember when collecting evidence:

  • Take photos of the damage.
  • Medical records of the injurious or dead person.
  • Statements of witnesses.


If you face a boat accident, you should always take the right steps to protect yourself. But, you should not drive under the intoxicated condition at any cost. If you receive a Boating under the Influence (BUI) while operating a vehicle, you will land in extreme trouble.

Also, try to hire the best and experienced attorney as they are your only hope to deliver justice and related compensation.

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