3 Benefits of Living in the Canadian Capital

3 Benefits of Living in the Canadian Capital

Canada is one of the best countries to live in, and more and more people realize that every year. The people are friendly, the nature is gorgeous, and the culture can’t be found anywhere else. There are many perks of living in Canada, but if you are not sure where to go, be sure to consider Ottawa, the gorgeous capital of the country. If you need some convincing, the following three benefits of living in Ottawa will get you packing your luggage in no time.


Affordable Housing

Living in larger cities can sound a little scary to your bank account, but Ottawa, like its people, is very friendly when it comes to housing. Compared to other Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Calgary, or Vancouver, Ottawa has very reasonable housing prices. Obviously, the prices tend to increase the more downtown you get, but no fees are too unreasonable. The median price for a house is $570,000, while the median price for an apartment is $350,000. To get a closer look at prices, simply search for Ottawa homes for sale, and you will get the best firsthand look at just how affordable living is in Ottawa.


Perfect Mix of City and Small-Town Living

While living in a country’s capital seems like it should be an incredibly fast pace of living, you would be surprised at how quiet the city truly is. There are tons of restaurants and bars for lovers of social life. However, there is so much space for scenic bike rides, trails, and parks. There are also plenty of museums for those interested in learning more about their city, such as the Museum of Nature, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canadian Museum of History. Living in a nation’s capital is the best place to learn all you can about not only the city but the entire country and its origins.


High Quality of Life

If you choose to move to Ottawa, you will notice a change of mood for the better very quickly due to the city’s high quality of life. While being a larger city, it is still a perfect place to raise a family because it is very family-oriented. People that move to this city tend to lean more towards being sporty and active during the day, thanks to the local Gatineau Hills that are only ten minutes away, making for a perfect skiing or hiking day, instead of roaming the streets at night. The quiet nights make Ottawa a perfectly safe spot to raise children. Speaking of safety, the crime rates are incredibly low in Ottawa, coming in at a whopping .008%. These rates are also decreasing each year, making Ottawa one of the safest cities in Canada, if not the safest. The people in Ottawa are even more friendly than you will find anywhere else in the world. Everyone tends to be more laid back, and it is no secret why.

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