Style Tips Before Purchasing a Personal Engagement Ring

If you are looking to customize your engagement or wedding ring, then you have several key things to consider. The selection of the overall style is hugely vital, along with the detailing and design elements.

Keep in mind that there are several types to choose from. There are several choices when it comes to the kind of ring, which can vary from contemporary to traditional. With customization, you have a lot of options where you can mix and match elements from various styles to create the perfect piece for your significant other. 

The following post is all about the various styles that are on offer. It is an excellent place to start when you are looking to create personalized diamond engagement rings.

The solitaire

This is a simple design with a single center stone with no additional gems or jewels. The setting, stone, and metal make for a unique jewelry piece in a straightforward style.  

Solitaire with side stones

If you are looking for something more dazzling than the solitaire, then you can go for adding side stones, which will accent the overall beauty of the piece. You can visit the diamond rings dallas page for more information or design inspiration.

The halo design

In a halo setting, the central stone is surrounded by several smaller stones, which creates the look. There are several customization options available as to the design of the centerpiece.

The three-stone

In a three-stone, the centerpiece is featured alongside two smaller stones. You can add customizations that include accents and additional stones along with detailing.

Vintage styling

You can customize your ring to give it the traditional or the heirloom style look. The ring will be new but will look old and antique. 

Now, we will have a quick look at the settings. 

The prong setting

The prong setting is a very trendy choice where small claw-like features or prongs hold the stone in place. You can have four or six-pronged designs depending on your preference. However, keep in mind that with time, the stone might come loose from the prong.

The bezel setting

The bezel is another popular setting where a metal rim goes around the stone. There are full bezel and partial bezel options to go for depending on how secure you want the diamond centerpiece to be.

Tension setting

Here a band holds the ring in place, and it creates the suspended effect. The two ends create a tension setting. It is a very modern design that shows a very significant portion of the stone.

The channel

If you are looking to accent the centerpiece with additional stones, then the channel setting is the way forward. This setting is very secure since a channel or a groove holds the stone in place.

Pave setting

If your ring has several small diamonds, then a pave setting is a great idea. Here holes are drilled into the setting, and the diamond is held into place with tiny metal beads. Use it for the side stones for the best effect.

Keep in mind these type and setting style ideas when you are customizing the perfect engagement ring for your wedding. 

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