Some Tips to Help Single Parents Get Out of Debt

As a single parent, it can be quite difficult to manage your personal finances. This can be more so if you have more than one child to support. There are a number of different expenses that you would have to bear with, like the schooling costs of the child, regular food expenses, paying the babysitter or a nurse if it is a young child, and so on. The problem gets more in the vent that you have a debt to pay. A lot of single parents take loans to support their families. But when you cannot pay these loans on time, then it can become quite a crisis. In this article, you will learn about several tips that can help you to reduce your expenses as well as gradually come out of any debt.

Getting over the debt

It will not be of much importance if you owe too much debt. But you can still start now and repay the debts. You should understand that you are not the only person who feels overwhelmed with debts and that you are not the only one to be under debt. On average, Americans have around $90,000 in debt. People have around sixteen thousand dollars in credit card debts alone. The average car loan is around $27,000. Student loans can reach up to $27,000. For a single parent, it can be incredibly difficult to pay all these alone.  If you have student loans consider debt consolidation or refinancing. By comparing student loan refinance rates you’ll be able to choose the most affordable for you and pay off your debt sooner.

But before you start to pay off your debts, it is important that you do some preparatory work first. These are some of the things that you should do, also you can find more info here

1. Tally the expenses up

It can become impossible to repay all the debts that you owe unless you first know where to start from. It can be understood that you would be initially hesitant to tally your expenses, but it should be done at the earliest. You should be honest with yourself. Get all the credit card bills that you have, along with your student loan expenses, your personal loans, home loans, and all of them up. It is essential that you combine the amounts that you owe so that you understand how much money you must pay back.

2. Create a new budget

You will have to create a budget now. A budget will allow checking how much money you would be able to spare to repay your debts. If you see that the money does not amount to too much, then you need not worry because you are just starting out. You can find out a lot of different ways by which you can cut down on your expenses as well as also get additional income to repay your debts.

3. Chalk out a plan

You must chalk out a plan to repay your debts. You have two basic ways to repay your loans either in the form of a debt snowball or as a debt avalanche. In a debt snowball, you must list all the debts that you have in a specific order from the smallest to the largest amount. You must try to repay the smallest loan first all the while making some payments to repay the other debts. Once you have paid that small debt off, you can move on to paying the next small one. In a debt avalanche, you would be again listing all the debts you have, but this time in an order with the highest interest first and the lowest one at the bottom. You would be trying to repay the debts that have the highest interests first and make some minimum payment for your other debts. In this payment method, you would save more money in the end. You should take a decision about the way you want to repay your loans.

4. Have some emergency funds in place

Before you start to pay your debts off, it is vital that you have around a thousand dollars as your emergency funds.

Set aside Some money strictly for emergencies purposes. This will keep you from relying on various forms of debt in case something crucial comes up. And let’s be real, we know that emergencies come up that require money more often than not. You must try and save at least a thousand dollars when you make the payments for your debts.

5. Do not use the credit card any longer

Credit cards can be really irritating as they can easily rake up your debts. The interest rates of credit cards are also quite high, and you can take a lot of years in paying the bills. In the event that your credit cards have got you into any debt, then you must not use them anymore. You ought to destroy them quickly. Do not use your credit card as your funds for emergency situations.

6. Look at your debts like the emergency that it is

Debts can hold you back from plenty of different things. When you have a debt, you would be unable to increase your savings. It will also not allow you to be independent financially. There can be situations like when your child is sick; you would be unable to take a break from work as you have got no savings but there are lots of debts to be repaid. Although you do not like your job, you would still have to work. Thus, you must look t your debt like it is an emergency which you must repay as quickly as you can.

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For a single parent, it can be quite difficult to repay debts. Life can be extremely difficult. But when you have some debt management plans the process will become easier. Before you repay your debts, you should prepare yourself for the ordeal first. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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