Six Helpful House Painting Tips

I’m sure if you are reading this, you must be planning to paint the house. As exciting as it sounds, the process can be exhausting if you are unsure about how you would want to paint your place. While you always have the option of hiring a professional painter, many people want to take up the charge themselves. And so, if you too have decided to get into the shoes of a painter, this blog will help you with certain house painting tips that are going to make your task easy.

Tips for a successful house painting job:

1. Planning is important

Before you start any project, you have to be sure what exactly are you expecting from it. If you have a planned approach, you will be able to complete the task on time and without exhausting yourself. The first thing you need to consider is deciding whether you want to start painting the entire house or start small.

2. Choosing the right colour option

The step after you have planned your house painting project is to choose the right colour option. There are umpteen colour choices, but when it comes to choosing the colour for your room, you have to narrow down your options to the ones that will complement the furniture and furnishings. Make sure that you choose the colour aptly. Darker shades suit bigger rooms, but you need to make good lighting arrangements to make your place look warm. On the contrary, smaller, neutral and warm shades like beige and grey would look better in smaller rooms.

3. Invest in good painting accessories

When you are all set with the painting project, your next move should be to choose the right tools. Remember, appropriate and good quality tools ensure quality work, and you will get the best results. Some of the common painting tools you would need are a paint bucket, paint brushes, rollers, and sandpaper. If you wish to create some graphics, you can choose stencils to give the desired look to the walls.

4. Preparing the walls

Once you have all the necessary tools and paint, you are all set to start with the painting project. For this, you need to prepare the wall. Start with the wall inspection. Make sure you repair all the stains and cracks on the wall and celining. Pick up painter’s tape and seal the corners and edges of windows and doors. Remove lights and other accessories, cover them up with tape to prevent paint from dripping on them.

5. Start the work

Now, you are all set to apply the paint, but you need to mix the paint before that. Open the paint box and stir the paint with a wooden stick. This is done to create an even consistency. If you are using a roller brush, start painting in W shape. This gives you ample coverage. Avoid spending on pesky rollers that will make your task difficult and hamper the quality of work.

6. Be patient

Lastly, we want to say that patience is a virtue. If you are picking up a house painting project, you have to give the required time to complete it. Allow the paint coats to dry well, or else you may end up having patchy walls.

Concluding thoughts

Remember, painting a house is an art that only emerges well when you put in the right efforts and choose the right colours. We have discussed basic house painting tips that are going to give you the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the brushes and start paintings!


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