One Tool – Air Angle Grinder and Multiple Tasks Performed

Air angle grinder

Air angle grinders means hose grinders that run on compressed air. They are the same as other types of grinders but the only difference lies in their source of power. And ingrain it deeply in you that air-powered tools are very effective and reasonable as well. They are also more highly durable than electrical tools. Thus, they are considered to be safer.

A very good example of a pneumatic tool is an air angle grinder which becomes a sanding tool or a paint removal tool just by changing one single disc. The tool is very useful because of its versatility. It is a tool that can be used in various ways just by using different attachments with it.

How Do Air Angle Grinders Work?

Air angle grinder
An air angle grinder is used in wood piece shapinging

The air angle grinder can be used by following a few steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Setup – To set the air angle grinder to motion, it will require 90 PSI of dry and clean air. The compressor should have filters, regulators, and lubricators and the hose should be absolutely dry. You should attach tightly to the compressor and pneumatic grinder with dimensionally correct hoses.
  • Starting – After 90 PSI air is turned on via the compressor, the finger which is nearest to the safety switch is pressed to activate the air angle grinder. The power will build up in a few minutes. Then you must hold firmly onto the grinder and touch very lightly the grinding drum to the surface that needs grinding. The strokes given after it is touched on the grinding surface must be slow and steady.
  • Shut Down – As soon as your work is complete, the trigger should be released and the safety switch will lock into its place automatically. Make sure all the air is released from the hose after work is complete to ensure maximum safety. This can be done by squeezing the trigger. The hose and the air angle grinder should be disconnected from each other.

The Equipment Required To Operate the Grinder

 The first and most important requirement for the air angle grinder to work is air which has got by means of a compressor. To make passage for this air, good hoses are also required with proper and adequate attachments. Apart from these few things, items for personal safety are also required. Glasses, a full face shield, hearing protection, and good quality gloves are needed. 

Tips to Bear in Mind While Using the Grinder

 There are a few tips to be borne in mind while using the air angle grinder. You have to be very careful while changing the discs. For this, correct wrenches or adjusting keys are required. Only discs that are of the exact size are to be used. They should match the grinder. 

 While working, if the working position is in a standing stance, the footing should be paid attention to. Check to see whether you have a proper balance while working to avert any fatalities or injuries while work is in progress.

 Pay attention to the fact that the workpiece should be securely clamped which will help work to progress in a better and more efficient way. You will also not lose control over your air angle grinder.

 Why Is It Called Air Angle Grinder?

 The tool is called an air angle grinder because it has a motor that operates a geared head at a right-angled position. On this is mounted the thinner cut-off disc or abrasive disc. They can be replaced when they wear out. The tool gets its name from the angled position in which it operates.

 Uses of The Grinder

 The air angle grinder is used for a variety of purposes. They are: 

  • Paint and rust removal
  • Cutting of ceramic tiles
  • Removal of mortar in place of chiseling
  • Cleaning and cutting of metals
  • Sharpening various tools 
  • Carving and smoothening of wood

 These are the functions that can be performed by an air angle grinder. These functions are broadly listed under the three categories of cutting, grinding, and polishing. The three functions are performed by operating the tool at various speeds and with multiple attachments. They give a lot of precision and enhanced work time which makes these tools widely accepted in various industries. 

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