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Lifestyle Blogs

Not all blogs are created equal. That’s just how it is. When we’re searching through lifestyle blogs, very often, most of what’s on offer just doesn’t fit well. Then you read half a blog, get bored, and move to the next one.

Admittedly, It’s not the very worst thing in the whole wide world, but things do tend to get a little samey after a while. Nothing is quite what you were hoping for, and what should have been a compelling journey through lifestyle articles becomes dull and frustrating.  

It’s right at this point that our little compilation enters the fray! We’ve done the hard yards and emerged with a great selection of lifestyle blogs and articles to suit your tastes. Take a look below because something is bound to grab your interest.


1. Modamily

Modamily is an online network that helps connect people who are ready to start families, whether they are looking for romantic, platonic parenting, or known-donor relationships. Modamily was the first digital platform of its kind to provide this service in the U.S. and its app continues to be a great resource for prospective parents around the globe. They also feature blog content related to building a family whether it be a co-parenting, sperm donor, or even surrogate resources as their blog aims to help educate prospective parents on all the opportunities available to them.


2. The Babe Report

The Babe Report is a popular lifestyle blog that focuses on dating advice, wellness, mental health, beauty and travel. The Babe Report has been syndicated by POPSUGAR, HuffPost, Elite Daily, Bustle, YourTango, Thought Catalog and many other publications. The founder, Erica Gordon, initially started The Babe Report as a relationship advice column while she was working for one of the world’s largest dating sites. She’s since been able to grow it into a lifestyle blog with a worldwide audience.


3. Sustain Health

Sustain Health is the first of its kind online digital magazine that is non-gender specific in it’s articles regarding all things fitness and sports.
SH helps their readers perform at the best of their abilities bringing them the latest and best apparel, nutrition, tech and fitness/sports news that is out there to aid them in fulfilling their goals.


4. The Multitasking Woman

Eva, the woman behind The Multitasking Woman, transformed her blog into a Mental Health & Wellbeing blog after her diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder in 2017. The Multitasking Woman aims to give hope, inspiration and guidance to women struggling with the family, career and mental health juggle.


5., your go-to destination for all things entertainment, health, diet and beauty. We have built a community of modern women and we are familiar with all of their needs. That’s why we work incredibly hard to ensure that our platform is always up to date with the best entertainment, health, diet, celebrity, beauty and gossip news that can be available with a simple click.


6. Made In A Pinch

Made In A Pinch is a family lifestyle site by moms and for moms to help eliminate the overwhelm and stress many moms face by providing real-life experience, practical solutions to common issues, fun ideas to do with the kids and as a family, and easy, delicious recipes that kids will actually eat. Come check out your new one-stop resource for all things family-related!


7. is a group of advocates, specialists, scientists, parents, and researchers committed to helping you live your best and healthiest life. More than anything we’re really just people like you who are obsessed with finding answers, and helping others do the same.

We believe that a better life begins with better health, and that better health begins with better information. Our content is designed to help empower you to get healthy, find meaning, and become a good global citizen.

A rising tide lifts all boats, and we know that when you’re feeling your best, your family, your community, and even the world will benefit.


8. PuckerMob

PuckerMob is a blog for women, on all things Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Business.






9. Bed Guru

Bed Guru, You dream it, we make it. Made to measure mattresses, bed frames and divan bases in any sizes. Over 200 standard UK, EU, and custom sizes to make your dream bedroom a reality.


10. Happy Healthy Hippie

Happy Healthy Hippie is a health & wellness brand that was born out of a genuine passion for a healthy, natural, and intentional life. This includes using the gifts of nutrient filled plants that nature has provided us. The founders, Kylie and Keio, are working to promote the message of healthy, conscious living through the HHH blog and their 100% organic and natural products.

11. NativePath

At NativePath, we’re on a mission to restore human health by rediscovering the Native way to eat. We do this by providing the purest, most natural ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. Choose from Grass-Fed Collagen, Collagen Coffee Creamer, Wild-Caught Krill Oil and more to look and feel your very best.

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