How to Make Baby Videos Go Viral on TikTok


Going viral on TikTok whether for baby videos or for something else boils down to just a few things.

Those are authenticity and originality and of course your ability to capture the attention of the viewer within just the first few seconds.

Making baby videos go viral uses the same techniques as do any other video. However, there are some tips and tricks that when utilized will make any video go viral, and anyone can adapt those as soon as you finish reading this blog. 

Stick to the very end, for you have prepared a special tip. But that special tip cannot be understood without reading something, that which you need to find within this article. 


Play with the emotions of the audience 

That might sound like something bad. It is in fact not a good thing to be playing with the emotions of other people. 

But the sad reality and the fact remains that the whole entertainment business and the social media, marketing and sales, are built on the premise that you need to be able to trigger emotions if you want someone to do something for you.

For salespeople, it might be that they want to sell you something by triggering certain emotions while marketing may want to sway you towards certain products. 

In the same way, you should make videos that incite certain feelings in people when they watch your videos. 

The harshest one, or the most popular one that is so damn sticky in our day and age, is FOMO. if you don’t know what FOMO is, it is fear of missing out. 

Millennials are full of it. Even Gen Z and all the other generations have caught on to this feeling. 

This ugly feeling is what makes people make the kind of decision they make rather than financially and psychologically, like buying a new iPhone every time it releases another version. 

In the same way, if you are to make a video that ignites this very feeling in the hearts of the viewers, you are guaranteed to receive twice more than the number of followers you have. Buying followers on TikTok also might help in your efforts for baby videos to go viral as the algorithm rewards following growth.

This is not to say FOMO is necessarily negative. But there are other emotions that play as big a role if not better. 

They are aspirations, admirations. If you are to show the best side of your baby, couples expecting a baby are more prone to watch it.

How does playing with positive emotions work?

Playing with emotions means teasing them with the good sides of what you are having. If you intend to make the baby videos go viral on TikTok. Then show the good sides.

TikTok channel  example- credit to @wren.eleanor

Film the moments when they are cute and are doing something that is out of the ordinary. Something that may make the audience interested in the idea of what it is like to have a baby. 

You can consider success when your videos convince people to have a baby. While this is really difficult to do, it should be the bar you are aiming to hit. 

Making baby videos go viral then comes down to this one point. It is how well you can fire up that emotion. 

However, that should not just be limited to shooting.  Including great music that affects the subconscious is another great way to make any video go viral. 

If you have ever spent some time on TikTok then you perhaps came across a similar or the same song more than once in one session. 

When songs go viral onTikTokthey go viral like crazy and be everywhere. Of course, you will need to filter that music out to find what fits best for baby videos on TikTok. 

But the tactic is the same and it works for every other type of video as well. 

TikTok challenges and trends 

There are numerous challenges on TikTok all the time. From hashtags challenges to trends to challenges encouraged by celebrities and influencers. 

Taking part in those challenges helps your content with discoverability and depending on the content, its engagement might make it go viral.

It also depends on how well you utilize the tricks above and those below that are about to come. 

Because just those are enough to make baby videos go viral on TikTok or any other video for that matter. 

Have you ever heard about the Ugli baby challenge?

You perhaps did not. But if you did you know how a lot of creators went viral due to their content. 

But those were just the type of content that actually would have gone viral regardless of the trend. This is not to take away anything from the trends which we so highly spoke of.

But to add to the importance of the point we are about to make next.  It is that originality plays a huge role. 

Whether you want to make your baby videos go viral on TikTok or make your business known. Original content is the type that attracts people. 

Originality doesn’t mean without edits and poor quality resolution and poor aesthetics. It just means it is you, and your baby in the video.

Unlike other platforms, TikTok is not that evergreen. If you are to post something or follow along on a challenge, you are to be vigilant and keep doing that again and again. 


The untold secret of viral videos on TikTok

The untold secret of going viral on TikTok is that you need to make an impact as soon as someone sees your content. 

TikTok channel example – credit to @chloeboboey

This means you will need to make a video that captures the attention of a person within seconds. Which is why we call this secret “The Seconds Secret”.

For example, when you are surfing on TikTok, have you ever skipped a video just because it wasn’t interesting and engaging. I’d argue you do this a lot, and perhaps all the time. 

Well, you are not the only person who does this. That is why when you are creating a video you should think about it from the perspective of the user. 

If you can’t keep them for three seconds you can’t keep them at all.

Thus, focus overly hard on the beginning of the video and how it affects the viewers. Because once they stay, chances are they will watch it till the end. 

Plus, longer watch times send signals to the algorithm that your content is interesting and is worth watching. And the algorithm will recommend it to many other users as well. 

Making baby videos go viral takes this content even more literally. Because an average TikTok user is not interested in watching babies, especially the Zoomers or the youngest generation. 

Although TikTok initially was known for its young demographics, nowadays it has been balanced a little bit with the inclusion of millennials. 

This means baby videos will be of more interest to those older demographics, which makes it even more necessary to make the dazzling intros into each and every one of your videos.

Video is the most powerful communications technology on the planet. And, if you are looking for ways to make your videos better, Larry Jordan’s tutorials are a great resource:

To wrap up

Before summing up, it is important that we mention like many blogs do that choosing a niche, and working on high-quality content is also important. 

Those tips and advice have become so cliche that this article focused on the more psychological part of making any video go viral including baby videos on TikTok. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you get views, it just matters you get them.

However, by following these three tips you increase the chances of getting views organically and in a way that will increase the chances of engagement. 


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