Here’s What You Should Know: How to Select the Right Mattress for your Child

Having the right kind of bedding is quintessential to having a good night’s sleep, and this is most likely relevant for young children. They need it more than older people do. However, it is often a challenge for some parents to select the right one for their child.

There are tons of factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for your little one. Like the build-up, size, colors, comfort, safety, and many more. Since the bones of a child are still expanding and growing, their bed should be able to give enough support to prevent any spine problems in the course of time.

Buying a mattress for your kids is a very crucial decision since it can greatly affect them. For a little help, read the list below to be able to choose the right mattress for your little ones. Based on the comfort level you need to choose whether you need a plush mattress in a box or a firm one.

Choosing the Proper Type of Support

Mattresses such as memory foams and innerspring coils are two of the most well-known kind of foams. They feature a system of connected coils that let all the pressure points to subside. However, they give the maximum support to keep the spine from hunching.

Indeed, innerspring coils cost more than the other standard type of beddings, but they are very excellent at getting rid of the motion transfer. This type of mattress is especially perfect for kids. Since their weight is not enough to create constant strain or pressure to the coils, which can eventually impair and shorten its life.

On the other hand, memory foam beddings outline the form of the body. They are certainly hypoallergenic and can stand the test of time. Thus, making them also a great choice for kids. But whatever type of mattress you choose, make sure that it is suitable for your child.

Pick the Right Size

Most of the time, kids aged two and three can already make a transition from a baby crib mattress to a large bed. And if you are thinking about durability and long life, then it is best to go for a twin-sized bed or a full-sized one.

These beddings are perfect when you are studying to save lots of space. Plus they will work well if you have more kids sharing a bedroom. Furthermore, it will certainly last until your child becomes an adult.

Check the Comfortability

It is crucial to go for high-quality bedding to prevent having bad sleeping habits, soreness, aches and pains, and many more. Know that all type of beddings come in either firm, extra firm, ultra plush, and plush.

The most excellent mattress for your children is the one that provides support while giving comfort. If let your kids endure the pain from sleeping in a bad quality mattress, they might feel exhausted, experience soreness, become moody, and might not even do well in school.

Jonathan Prichard, CEO recommends looking into custom-made bedding as that allows you to control exactly what and how you get for your child.

Though high-quality beddings are a bit expensive, they are certainly worthy in the long run. Do not force your kids to sleep in a very distressing mattress because they might develop lousy sleeping habits which, for the most part, they will carry for life.

Assess the Foundation

A simple and plain platform certainly works well in every child’s bedroom. As such, it allows you to refrain utilizing box spring, and as a return you save money. But if you are thinking about buying a traditional bed frame, you will also need to buy a durable box spring.

Most first-rate beddings come with its corresponding box springs. Thus you can buy them as a set. Remember, when selecting a box spring, choose a mattress that is with the same size as your mattress and fits adequately in your bed frame.


To be able to pick the perfect mattress for your kiddos, you need to think like you are purchasing a mattress for yourself. Choosing the perfect mattress is quintessential because it can help your kids have proper posture and bone strength. It may be challenging, but they are a must. Read the above tips to be able to buy the perfect mattress for your children.

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