10 Easy Ways How to Help Your Child Love Studying

Children are naturally curious; they want to know about stuff. However, when you’re trying to teach them in detail, they soon often lose their attention. Traditional education, in particular, is not doing any good to spark their desire for studying. Everything revolves around testing and grades, and that’s scary for the child.

How can you inspire your child to discover the true joy of studying? We’ll present 10 easy ways that help you do that.


1. Give Them Compliments

Whenever they tell you something they learned, a sincere and simple compliment like “Awesome!” or “Great job!” will be enough to keep them going.

You don’t want to praise your kid too much since that can make them overly focused on the results. Just give a simple compliment and don’t keep talking about how smart your kid is.


2. Show Them That Knowledge Is Relevant

Your kid might not be inspired to learn math because they are not aware of its applications. Saying “you’ll need this when you grow up” is not enough. Show them how math and all other things they learn surround them every single day.

When they are aware of the relevance of the things they learn, the information will stay with them longer. They will be more interested to know about the world around them.


3. Sign Them Up for Extracurriculars

It’s no wonder why extracurricular activities are so popular in education. Although these activities are not a necessary part of the curriculum, they are still an integral aspect of the overall education.

The extracurriculars should never seem like punishment. Just figure out what they would like to do most and sign them up for a fun activity related to music, sports, art, drama, social service, or anything else that gets their attention. With these activities, your child will develop multidimensional intelligence.


4. Help Them Edit Their Writing

When teachers ask students to write essays, the challenge is real. At this point, you should definitely provide some help. Of course, you want to inspire them to write their own essays. However, you should ask them to read it aloud and help make improvements where necessary.

You’ll get them even more inspired if you connect them with a professional editor, tutor or proofreading services, such as Grammarly or Essay On Time. Typically, proofreading companies employ professional editors and teachers having a friendly approach to children. Thus, when kids see their mistakes corrected, they improve their writing style.


5. Set Long-Term Goals

“If we learn this biology lesson and we continue learning, we’ll know how our bodies work in less than a year.”

With this approach, you’re giving your child a very specific goal and a sense of accomplishment without the study stress. That’s a great way to motivate!


6. Take Learning Outside

The school is exciting, but it’s also an overwhelming environment. When you take the learning outside the classroom, you make the process more fun. Take your kid out in nature. Show how the things they learn at school are everywhere around. Teach them how to bake, and throw in a little math along the way. Get them a comic book, so they will be inspired to read more.


7. Find Out What Gets Their Interest

Your child is certainly asking questions, right?

“Mom, why is the sea blue?”

“Mom, who made the first TV?”

“Mom, why do we sneeze?”

The Internet is an immense knowledge base, so you can both learn something new. Don’t let the learning process revolve solely around the curriculum. Enable them to learn whatever they want.


8. Get the Distractions Away

If the tablet or smartphone is anywhere near when your kid is trying to study, the devices will distract their attention. If you’re talking with someone on the phone, you’ll be distracting them. If the TV is on, it will distract them.

You have to eliminate the distractions when your kid is learning. Make sure the studying environment is clean and enables them to focus.


9. Read Something Fun Every Day

Your little one loves a cartoon character? Why don’t you find a book that features that character? Stock up on the interesting fiction and read a little every single day. If your child already knows how to read, you can have family reading time every day. You’ll read your own books, so you’ll inspire them to focus on their reading.


10. Reward the Good Results

If your child gets a good grade, get them a chocolate. Bribes may be tricky, which is why you should make the rewards simple. 15-minute tablet time after they learn the history lesson will work.

Your kid will love studying when they get the purpose. As a parent, you have a responsibility to inspire them. Hopefully, the 10 tips we listed above will help you do that.


About the author:

Steven Wesley is an ESL Online teacher and education blogger. He is interested in psychology, journalism as well as educational, technological, and political issues. Besides, Steven believes in the mighty power of the pen to change the modern world. Meet him on Twitter  and Facebook!

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