Fun in the Sun: 5 Great Summer Activities for Kids

Looking to keep the kids busy this summer while they’re on school break? Get a few ideas using this list of summer activities for kids!

There’s nothing more exciting than summer break when you’re a kid, but becoming a parent can make that time of the year stressful.

If you have kids who will be home from school this summer, having a big list of activities is the best way to keep everyone in your family happy and occupied.

Do you need some inspiration to plan fun stuff to do in the summer? Keep reading to learn about five summer activities for kids.


1. Sign Up for Summer Camp

Learning how to find a summer camp that your kids will enjoy can help them grow as independent people and learn valuable skills.

Aside from having lots of fun with new friends who share their interests, they can improve their socializing skills and discover new hobbies. If a sleep-away camp is too scary for your child, there are plenty of day camps that are great for all personalities.


2. Go for a Nature Walk and Enjoy a Picnic

One of the best things to do with kids over the summer is to teach them how to explore and appreciate nature safely.

Going on a family hike can give you an excellent opportunity to bond, find new species of plants and animals, and take lots of memorable photos. After you’ve all worked up an appetite, you can relax on a blanket and share a delicious and nutritious picnic.


3. Try Fun Arts and Crafts

If you’re interested in finding fun summer activities, the good news is that there are plenty of simple woodworking projects for kids, arts and crafts projects that won’t make too big of a mess.

Your kids can have a blast making upcycled bird feeders, paper lanterns, tie-dyed shirts, and so much more. This comprehensive guide can teach your family how to do over 300 different kinds of crafts.


4. Have Fun Movie Nights

There’s nothing more low-key and entertaining than watching a movie for two hours. You can turn this activity into a special event by hosting movie nights complete with ice cream sundaes, popcorn, and other tasty treats.

If you and other parents take turns inviting other kids over for movie nights, then these events can be a great way to help every parent in your child’s friend group have some downtime for themselves.


5. Visit Local Attractions

Since businesses know that lots of families will be at home during the summer, it’s easy to find impressive deals on tickets to local attractions.

With so many great summer things to do, you and your kids can explore museums, aquariums, art studios, and amusement parks. Another benefit is that these activities are often educational, so you can keep their minds engaged while school is out.


Your Family Will Love These Summer Activities for Kids

Now that you know some of the best summer activities for kids, you can keep your family entertained during the warmer months. Plus as a side bonus, the kids will be making a mess elsewhere, so you don’t have to be house cleaning all the time!

Do you want to learn other ways you can help your family stay happy and healthy? Explore our site to find more helpful tips and guides.

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