4 Gifts That Will Get Your Kids Outside

It’s true that kids these days spend more time inside then they do in the great outdoors. Most children absolutely love spending time in nature and getting muddy, dirty, exploring and climbing trees, it’s just convincing them to step away from their screens and the comfort of their own bedrooms that proves to be a sticking point.

Getting kids outdoors gets them some fresh air, it sparks their imaginations, they can get some exercise and learn a lot about the world around them in the comfort and safety of their own backyards. It’s such a shame that most of our kids would prefer to stay indoors and watch TV!

Luckily, if your child has a birthday or a special occasion coming up – click here to discover the best toys for an 8 year old – you can easily treat them to an amazing gift, all whilst encouraging them to head outdoors. Looking for a little inspiration? Read on for 4 gifts that will get your kids outside.

Something sporty

If your child is into sports, then spoiling them with some simple sports equipment to use at home could tick all the boxes. A simple goal to get them practicing their football skills away from the pitch, a netball or basketball hoop, even some simple cones so they can dribble a football or dribble with a hockey ball and stick. The possibilities are endless, and no matter what their favorite sport is you’ll probably find something to suit! However, if your child is more of an indoorsy type, there are plenty of alternative options for them to enjoy here.

A fairy garden

You have a couple of options here, you can either purchase a pre-made kit from a toy shop or you can create your very own from scratch. Either option is simple. A fairy garden allows children to plant their own grass seed in a small planter and decorate the surface area with a fairy house, fairy, wishing well and other little accessories. It’s a cute way to spend an afternoon and your child can spend the subsequent weeks watering and tending to their fairy garden. Once the garden has grown, they can have even more fun playing with it!

A bubble machine

Kids and adults of all ages cannot resist the urge to blow and pop bubbles! They’re so much fun! A bubble machine is a simple, inexpensive yet entertaining gift that they can use all year round. Whether they’re chasing bubbles around the garden or seeing who can pop the most in 30 seconds!

A tent

Tents are another gift that just keeps on giving and they’re great for inducing imaginative play and getting the kids outdoors! From a battle fort to a princess castle, a camping trip to a mock home-style environment, your kids will have a blast outdoors in their very own play tent. There are lots of different options available, either a simple pop-up version will suffice, or you could go all out and purchase a real camping tent with lots of different rooms and compartments to play in! Your kids will have hours of fun!

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