When to Exchange Numbers When Online Dating


Dating online has become pretty popular, and more and more people are warming up to it positively. But, like regular dating, there is a lot to keep in mind, one being knowing when to exchange phone numbers. If you just joined a platform as recommended by Perfect DM and are facing the dilemma on whether to share your number or not, this article can help you determine if it is time.

Meeting someone in person comes with plenty of plans, all to ensure you enjoy the date and hopefully keep up the conversation after. The location needs to be determined, a date needs to be set, and the time must be agreed upon.

Because there is so much to plan, no one wants their phone beeping every second with notifications when you are late. At this point, it is best if you share your numbers for easy communications on the d-day.


Have You Talked About Having a Date?

On the dating app, you have shared that you love chicken, and your match has mentioned a fantastic spot where you both can enjoy chicken. Your match has also shown that he is interested in making reservations at that joint and doesn’t need a few days to plan for that. If you are already sharing where and when you guys can meet, then it is time to offer up your number.

The reason to share your number could be as simple as indicating you need a quicker way of communicating before you meet, purely for convenience. It is expected that you and your match are ready to talk more and potentially meet more. But, it is best to share your number once a date, venue, and time have been set.


Are You Slowing Down to Reply to Messages?

As people talk more and more on dating apps, they slow down on replying to messages. It is easy to forget to check back and respond to that cute match you were chatting with a few days ago. If you still feel interested in talking to this person, but the whole dynamic of using the app is slowing you down, then it is time to offer up your number.

However, if you give your number too soon, you might end up rescheduling dates that never actualize. It is best to wait until both of you are talking about a date and looking for venues, setting up time, etc.


Has Your Match Asked for your Number?

If your match has asked for your number after chatting for a while, it feels obvious to share it. At this point, you do what you feel comfortable to. You do not have to worry about your match turning to a text buddy as long as you regularly talk to them.

Sharing your number is a significant step when dating online, but sadly, there is no rule on when you should or should not share it. The bottom line is you are an adult and should do what feels comfortable with you. But, if you are in a dilemma, these three pointers can help you determine whether it is time to share your number.

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