How to Choose Your Medical Career Path and Work on It during the Pandemic

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Whether you’re a medical student looking for the best specialization option, or simply someone contemplating a future profession in healthcare, finding a suitable career path in medicine is quite a difficult and demanding task that could take some trial and error. And with the current coronavirus pandemic, most of us were left unable to apply for any in-person training or schooling options that might have helped us make a smarter career decision. Thankfully, there are still some ways you could choose your medical career path and work on it, even during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Consider the ideal position you’d like to assume

Medical professionals can do their job in quite diverse fields. In order to find the most suitable career path for you, you must first consider the motivations behind your healthcare career, as well as the type of profession that would suit your personality the most.

For instance, if your goal is to help people directly, hospitals or medical practices might be the best options for you, where you can focus on a pediatric clinic if you love children, or even work in an assisted living facility if you want to help the elderly. If you don’t want to work with patients, on the other hand, then an administrative job or laboratory work might be a more suitable choice.

Think about the roles you’d want to take on

Similarly to the type of specialization you opt for, deciding on the workplace environment you’d like to be a part of also depends on your personality type, as well as your personal drive. To that end, consider the type of workplace dynamic that will suit you the most.

For example, if you’re a tough and active person who works well under pressure, you would be the perfect candidate for a paramedic, a surgeon, an ER nurse, or even a doctor at a military base. If you enjoy a slower-paced environment, however, and are a caring person who’s a great team player, then the career path of a physician or a medical assistant would be a better option for you.

Work to further your education and training

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Regardless of which profession and working environment you find suits you the most, chances are you will need some additional training in that specific field in order to advance your career. However, gaining the necessary experience through shadowing, volunteering or working as an assistant might not be possible during a dangerous pandemic, when the number of staff is often limited in hospitals.

For that reason, it might be a good idea to further your education and get the necessary qualifications from home, whenever possible. For instance, you could follow an ACLS course online and acquire the beneficial Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification that’s vital for a number of medical careers, from paramedics and registered nurses to doctors and surgeons.

Improve on the necessary skills and abilities

Much like the educational and training aspect of your preferred healthcare career, there are many additional skills and personal abilities you could practice and improve at home. Consider all aspects that might be beneficial for your ideal position and aim to perfect them during the pandemic, in order to have better qualifications for your dream job.

If your goal is to work in administration, for example, you can easily improve your writing and math skills at home, or even practice working in administrative computer programs that are necessary for the job. Another aspect you could also advance are your communicational and interpersonal skills, as they are quite important for most medical careers.

Seek advice from other industry professionals

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If you still aren’t quite sure which career in the healthcare industry would suit you the most, you could also reach out to experienced professionals in the specific fields that interest you. They will be able to give you more insight into the industry, the working environment, as well as the job benefits and drawbacks, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

Alternatively, you could also utilize the ‘stay at home’ period to your advantage by networking with industry professionals online and expanding your professional circle, ultimately making meaningful connections that might turn into wonderful job opportunities once the pandemic is over.

Finding the right career path in medicine is always a challenging task, especially during a global pandemic. That is precisely why education, introspection, networking, and determination during this period are all essential aspects for understanding your ideal position.

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