Dessert Recipes With an Ingredient – Coffee

Dessert Recipes With an Ingredient – Coffee

Coffee is the perfect morning drink that tones the body and allows you to structure your thoughts. But that’s not the only benefit you can get if you decide to buy good beans. Did you know that there are hundreds of popular desserts, and coffee is their main ingredient? Everything is simple. Knowing the recipe, you can repeat this at home and enjoy aromatic pastries or delicate smoothies with the best Ethiopian coffee. Check this out!



This amazing dessert, and even invented by the biggest coffee lovers, namely Italians, is rightfully included in the best food list. Everything is prepared simply and quickly. Mix 2 cups of coffee with a strong dessert wine. Separate the yolks from 3 eggs from the whites and, using a mixer, grind with 50 grams of sugar for 15 minutes. After that, mix the resulting cream again with 500 grams of Mascarpone cheese.

The egg whites are whipped until a foamy mass is formed and mixed with another 50 grams of powder. Such a mass is gradually mixed with the previously obtained cream. Cookies prepared in advance are dipped in coffee and evenly smoothed into a mold. The biscuit is covered with half of the cream, on which the biscuit layer is again laid out. Everything ends with a new portion of cream, which is evenly sprinkled with cocoa powder for beauty.


Curd Coffee Dessert

It’s not just a dessert, but a mix with kiwi. However, no one bothers to try other fruits to taste. You will need very few ingredients to make this cool, airy breakfast wonder. Whip 200 grams of cream and add it to 300 grams of cottage cheese. Then mix the mass with vanilla, two tablespoons of sugar, yogurt (250 g), lemon zest, and well-chilled coffee. Combine all this with a mixer. Fruit must be peeled and chopped in a blender, adding half a spoonful of sugar. It remains only to lay out the dessert in layers, alternating the curd mass and chopped fruits.


Coffee Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Take 50 ml of milk and brew 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee in it. It is enough to read the budget coffee makers review to choose a good and cheap kitchen device.

Add sugar to taste, strain well, and set to cool. You can even put it in the refrigerator. Whisk well 300 grams of cream and stir in the cooled coffee. The ice cream is almost ready. All that remains is to put it in the mold and put it in the freezer.


Coffee Muffins

Take two eggs, half a glass of sugar, add 100 grams of butter and mix it very well. Add a floured glass with a spoonful of baking powder and a quarter cup of kefir, then whisk again. You will need a little flour, literally six spoons. Now it’s time for the main ingredients. Don’t forget cocoa and vanilla. You can pour it into tins and bake at 220 degrees. Pre-cooled muffins can be removed from the mold, and cream is perfect as a decoration. But you shouldn’t forget about proportions.


Tunisian Halva

It’s a rather original recipe that came from hot Tunisia, which is worth trying for any connoisseur of coffee and sweets. Melt 450 grams of sugar until brown and stir in toasted hazelnuts (about 250 g). Heat the mixture and chop finely. Take five eggs, pour the whites, and mix the yolks with sugar, adding 100 grams of coffee and vanilla in the process. Remember to refrigerate the substance. It is best if you wait about two hours or put halva in the refrigerator. Then you get the branded fibrous structure.


Chocolate Coffee Cupcake

For dessert, you can serve a large coffee-and-chocolate dessert. And the main ingredient will be 80 ml of excellent, strong coffee. Espresso is perfect, for which you need a good coffee machine. So, coffee, 130 ml of milk, the same amount of vegetable oil, and two eggs are mixed with a glass of sugar and beaten thoroughly.

A glass of flour, 80 grams of cocoa powder, a couple of spoons of baking powder, a spoonful of vanilla, and a pinch of salt are added to the mixture. The mold is oiled and lined with parchment to prevent the cake from sticking. It is very important not to stop in the middle of the journey and quickly add all the ingredients to the mix. Dessert is baked at 180 degrees for no more than 40-50 minutes. This great dish will be the highlight of the day if you follow the instructions carefully. Try not to forget about all the ingredients.


Final Words

These are just a few interesting and easy-to-prepare desserts. You can easily make this at home if you have all the ingredients, coffee, and an oven. Follow the detailed instructions, and you will have a culinary masterpiece. Don’t worry if your first try doesn’t go well. Practice, and you will be able to prepare the perfect coffee dessert.


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