How To Check If A Window Needs A Replacement Or Deep Cleaning?

How To Check If A Window Needs A Replacement Or Deep Cleaning?

Windows are essential parts of the home. Apart from being an integral part of the home’s ventilation, windows help to maintain the home’s internal temperature, keep the house cozy and comfortable.  More importantly, they make the home energy-efficient.

All these benefits and more not only help to make your home better and grant you greater comfort, but also help to make your society better. For example, energy-efficiency reduces the amount of energy used in the home. This helps to create a better community while also helping you save some money off your energy bills.

From the above, we can deduce that windows are essential. It is imperative to keep windows in the best condition.

Hence, we will be taking a look at the things to look out for in windows to determine whether they need to be replaced or deep cleaned.


The window pane replacement is essential and play a crucial part in determining whether to replace a window or deep clean.

If the window panes show visible scratches, chips, cracks, or a full-blown hole, it would need to be replaced with a replacement window as soon as possible. These could be from objects thrown at the windows, stray baseballs, amongst others. It could also be as a result of harsh weather storms.

Irrespective of the cause, if the glass panes have an open hole in them, they need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent sudden breakage.

Scratches could be as a result of using harsh cleaners and abrasive materials when cleaning windows. Too many scratches on the surfaces of glass windows can compromise the strength and durability of the panes. As a result, they also need to be replaced.

Suppose the condition of the glass is that it shows visible stains or has experienced color change. The first step would be to deep clean. Follow the steps below to deep clean your window.

  • Wash the glass panels, both the interior and exterior. You can make use of high-quality glass cleaners (I highly recommend the Glass and Mirror Cleaner Foam from Fab Glass and Mirror).
  • In the absence of one, you can make a DIY cleaning solution by mixing equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Pour the solution in a spray bottle.
  • Scrub the glass after spraying your glass cleaner or DIY solution on the glass surface with a soft cloth.
  • Clean afterward with a squeegee or non-abrasive cloth to dry the glass pane and keep it free from lint and water streaks.
  • Clean the window tracks using a vacuum and detail brush.
  • Clean your window blinds by dusting on them, wash any covering that you have on the windows.
  • Clean the window frame and sill with a cloth.

After a deep clean, if your window is restored to its newness and shine, then it appears all it needs is to be deeply cleaned.

If, after cleaning, the glass panes still show visible color stains and remain yellowish, then the window needs a replacement.


Depending on your windows, the window frame could be made with wood, steel, or aluminum. Although these are all used, the most commonly used are wood and aluminum.

A common problem with wooden window frames is wood rot. Once you see visible signs of rotting around your glass panes and window frames, the entire window needs to be replaced. Rot is a result of exposure to moisture and water. As the window wears with age and the paint wears off, moisture gets in the wood, mold begins to form, and the rot starts.

Watch out for rot on the outer part of the frame that’s exposed to the weather. If the decay is still in the early stage, the rot spots could be repainted and patched. Repairing a rotting window frame can become more expensive. As a result, replacing might be the best option.


One of the valid reasons for a window replacement is the need to update your windows to align with current interior décor and style trends. For older homes, the materials and window design do not meet up with current trends.

New windows mean new designs and durable materials. The material used in window sash and frame over the years has evolved to become durable and sturdy. In the past, old homes made use of wood frames mostly whereas, in current trends, frames are made with fiberglass and vinyl.

These not only present you with prevailing window trends and styles, but they also provide you with durable and long-lasting windows that are energy efficient.

New window design is also an essential reason why a window needs to be replaced.


Glass windows serve different functions in the home. The three primary functions of installing windows in the house are:

  • To provide the home with natural light.
  • To make the home energy efficient.
  • To keep the home ventilated.

For one reason or the other, you may discover that the current windows in the home may not serve some specific functions that you would like them to. It may be that you want your windows to become more energy-efficient; this would require you to install insulated glass units.

The quest to make your home safe may prompt you to replace your standard window glass with tempered glass panels that are durable and shatter-resistant in the home.

As much as you would wish it, your current windows may not be able to serve such purposes in the capacity that you want them to. In such situations, the solution is to get window replacements to reflect the new functionalities that you want your windows to fulfill.

At some point, you may be concerned about adding beauty to the home with windows, over time, the interests can change to your windows, providing you with more privacy.

The windows need replacement to reflect the different functionalities,

Let’s Wrap Up

Windows are essential parts of the home, and attention should be paid to them as a result. All you may need to do is to deep-clean to clear the issues depending on the severity of the damage to your windows or to get window replacements.

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