Basement Home Office Every Working Mom Deserves

The basement is usually the space most people don’t use on a daily basis, except for storing their junk. But, if you want to make this space functional and give it a purpose, you can convert it into a home office. This is something all working moms need, especially when they’re chasing deadlines. Most of us prefer working from home and feeling comfortable while trying to solve complex work-related issues. But, working from home also means you’ll have to deal with so many distractions – from your kids to the TV, and everything in between. This is one of the biggest advantages of the basement because it’s secluded and your family won’t be able to interrupt you while you’re working. So, how can you turn your basement into every mom’s perfect home office?

Inspect the space

Many homeowners have serious problems in their basements so it’s important to deal with potential repairs in the beginning. Check the insulation and waterproofing because these two issues can cause serious damage, especially if you redo the space before moving into it. In addition to that, flooring and ceiling are also a major risk if you haven’t been taking care of your basement properly. 

Mold spreads quite easily in the basement, so keep that in mind as well. Since you’ll be spending lots of time here, you need to think about your health and take care of any potential leaks that can cause mold. Even if you get everything fixed, invest in an air purifier just to make sure the air quality is at the highest level.

Insist on comfort and practicality

No matter how big your home office is, you need to remember that comfort is the key to productivity. That means you won’t be able to work unless you invest in some comfortable and ergonomic furniture. Think of it as a necessity for your health because all working moms are exhausted all the time, so sitting for hours in improper furniture might not be good for them.

For starters, think about adding a spacious desk that’s practical and functional. In addition to that, you’ll want to pair it with a suitable chair which will turn into the center of your workspace. If you want, you can even add another cozy chair where you can take a break, read something, or meet your business associates.

Basement entrance

If you don’t have doors on your basement, you need to think about investing in one. There are two possible problems if you opt for an open concept. First, your family will always be interrupting you, thinking you’re free to hang out and spend time with them. Secondly, you’ll be surrounded by so much noise that you won’t be able to focus on your work.

By adding doors, though, you’ll create a designated space which you’ll use only for your work and nothing else. You can always use practical barn doors that will add a stylish note but also serve as a practical room divider. If you have a big basement, it will also allow your family members to use the space without getting in your way.

Think about the lighting


The main problem when it comes to the basement is the lighting, especially if you want to give this space a new purpose. You can try sectioning the space and adding different types of lighting which will allow you to have plenty of light wherever you need it. Create one big source of lighting on the ceiling and use that as a primary source that will cover the entire space. 

In addition to that, think about all the parts of the basement where you’ll need light – your desk, the storage area, the reading space, etc. – so don’t be afraid to maximize the lighting when you need it. in the end, be sure to create multiple lighting sources, just to ensure your office is properly illuminated.

Projects like this one will help you utilize the free space you have in your home and make it functional. Having a home office in your basement will give you all the privacy you need in order to get all of your jobs done without interruptions, so it’s definitely an idea worth looking into.

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