7 Coffee Alternatives to Consider in 2021

Many people enjoy starting their day with a large cup of coffee. This heavily caffeinated beverage provides an energy-packed boost many people need to start their workday. Unfortunately, coffee can increase anxiety, irritate the stomach, and even increase stress hormones.

Due to the various side effects caused by coffee, many people do what they can to avoid the morning drink. This, however, can be difficult when trying to find that morning boost so desperately needed to start the day. Fortunately, these seven coffee alternatives can give the required boost without the harmful effects of drinking coffee.


A great way to forgo the coffee is to try a morning CBD shot for lasting energy. These little shots pack a punch that can get anyone the energy they need to get through their mornings. CBD on its own can provide some people with wakefulness and provide benefits to boost energy. These shots are also combined with other natural ingredients that can also offer energy throughout the day without the coffee.

Golden Milk

Golden milk is an excellent alternative to coffee. It offers that tasty warm goodness many people enjoy from coffee without the harmful caffeine. Golden milk is a traditional Indian drink made with hot milk and turmeric. Turmeric can provide anti-inflammatory properties that can ease sore muscles and achy joints to help get through the day. Other ingredients or sweeteners can be added to boost the flavor of this decadent drink.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is another great alternative to coffee. Although it does contain some caffeine, it also offers other health benefits that can offset the discomforts caused by coffee overconsumption. Matcha tea provides a less jittery energy boost without the crash that many get with coffee. Its high concentration of L-Theanine can also improve focus and concentration. Its antioxidants can even provide benefits in fighting disease and signs of aging.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate may be the best alternative for those unwilling to give up their caffeine but want something other than coffee. Although it still packs the punch of coffee, yerba mate is also packed with nutrients. Created from the rainforest holly tree’s caffeinated leaves, yerba mate can offer the boost of coffee without its crash.


Kombucha is a type of tea made with either black or green tea. It is a fermented, sweetened tea with a light effervescence. This unique tea is famous for its ability to improve gut health and digestion. It is commonly used for those seeking weight loss options due to its ability to provide natural energy. This makes it a very healthy and fun alternative to that morning cup of joe.

Bone Broth

Although the name may not be as appealing as coffee, bone broth is a wonderfully tasty drink that can offer the energy needed to get through even the toughest days. This warm drink offers collagen and glutamine to heal the body. It also provides long-lasting and steady energy. This can eliminate that midmorning drowsiness at work.

Lemon Water

Although it may not seem like an option for replacing coffee, lemon water is a great choice when eliminating caffeine but still desiring a “pick-me-up” beverage. One-half lemon added to eight ounces of hot water can provide a warm and refreshing drink in the morning. The boost of vitamin C can provide a natural energy boost while kicking the digestive system into gear.

Whether wanting to cut out coffee altogether or just find something new, these options can provide a great place to start. For some, a combination of two or more of these choices may even prove to be better than coffee ever could be.

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