5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Partner after Giving Birth

Parents already know that bringing a child into this world comes from an entire universe of intimacy, closeness, and love. Yet, when the baby is born, the focus can shift entirely to this new little earthling in your home, and you might feel that your bond with your partner is getting strangely neglected, despite being strengthened by your new family member. It might sound like a paradox, but sometimes the very experience that brings you closer can tear your relationship apart, precisely because your bond consists of so much more than expanding your family. 

Your relationship is based on so many other commonalities, shared experiences, and of course, intimacy, hence the need to reignite that flame and invest time and effort to reconnect with your spouse now that you’ve become parents. Here are a few suggestions that can help you grow your bond even stronger.

Find a shared activity

Restoring your health, energy, and endurance starts with your nutrition and exercise. However, instead of treating it as yet another chore, you can shift your perspective and look at your workout routine as another opportunity to bond with your partner. 

In fact, couples exercising on a regular basis can use this time to boost each other’s confidence, provide moral support, and help each other get strong and healthy. At the same time, this simple practice can bring you closer together and improve your quality of life.

Work on your intimacy

Post-partum depression, body issues after giving birth, complications, and a slew of other issues are so common among new moms that it’s not so strange that many new parents find it difficult to enjoy their love-making in the first months of parenthood. It can be difficult to regain your confidence, but you’re not alone. Why not talk to your partner, share your desires and fears, and explore your options together?

Perhaps if you browse through a fun adult shop and find creative ways to explore your intimacy, you can rediscover your sensuality and your connection to your partner. Sometimes a flattering piece of lingerie can remind you of your own physicality and slowly restore your confidence. Dedicating time to your intimacy can be a powerful way to strengthen your bond and your confidence, too. 

Make time for dating

Yes, we know that you’ll feel tempted to spend your free time wrapped in a blanket, asleep, whenever a grandparent volunteers to take care of the little sleepless rascal but consider other options, too. For instance, you can set aside a monthly date for you and your partner to go out for a romantic dinner, enjoy a picnic in the park, go for an afternoon of walking in nature, or anything you love doing. 

Dating in marriage is not just advisable, it’s necessary for your romance to continue evolving as you accept new roles in life, including the one of being a parent. 

Talk to a professional

Too many couples believe that counseling is their last resort, whereas in fact, they should treat it as a valid option when they notice they have issues in communication. To prevent neglecting your marriage, communication problems, and to prevent the loss of intimacy, you can talk to a professional marriage counselor and face your issues head-on. 

Work on your shared responsibilities

Conflict is natural, especially when there’s a misunderstanding and you’re too tired and impatient, which happens to us all – because, let’s face it, we’re all human. When you have this new life to take care of in addition to your own, the responsibilities are constantly piling up, and if you find yourself struggling, it’s natural to feel tense and exhausted. 

That’s precisely why you need to work through this period with your partner so that you can share your responsibilities and all the little daily tasks, find the time to rest, and you’ll feel appreciated, loved, and cared for. When you can manage that, you can reduce conflict, and you can find more energy to bond and be emotionally generous to one another.

Now that you’re parents, the stakes are all the higher for you to work on your family, on your bond, and to find time in this learning curve to connect with one another. It means relying on your support system, asking for help, sharing your insecurities and fears, and finding patience within you to recognize opportunities instead of looking for excuses to postpone your time together. Use these tips to bond, and you’ll enjoy your partnership and parenthood all the more for it.

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