5 Things to Know When You Are First Time Pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but in the beginning, it often feels overwhelming- especially if it is your first-time experience. Don’t worry, everything will get better once you figure out your body changes and how to handle them, but for now, take a look at this, commonly underestimated pregnancy tips!


1.) Stack Up on Apples

Yep, just keep an apple (better six) next to you anywhere you go! Apples help with morning sickness, fatigue, fighting hunger (which will kick up pretty strong), and are amazing for a common pregnancy symptom- constipation!

Apples are full of nutrition, low in calories, and a superfood for your developing baby. So, in general, the more apples you eat – the better you are going to feel!

2.) Pregnancy Pillows are Often Underestimated

Surprisingly, with all the money going into pregnancy and baby products, women often decide to save money on something like a pregnancy pillow. However, that’s not the type of saving you need to do. First of all, you don’t need to break the bank to purchase one, and secondly, it isn’t anything unnecessary.

Pregnancy pillows promote a healthy back, shoulders, neck and knee support during sleep, as well as helping you to make sure you are sleeping in a pregnancy-safe position. Since you no longer can sleep on your back or stomach, a pregnancy pillow ensures that you are sleeping on your side during the night.

Sleeping during pregnancy is more overwhelming than it looks like, and even during the first trimester, it is common to feel discomfort during sleep. However, it is better to start using your pillow during your first trimester, because otherwise, it will be difficult to get used to sleeping in a new position during your second and third trimesters.

Also, even during the first trimester, your back goes through a lot of challenges, so it is better to start taking care of it from the beginning of your journey!

3.) Pregnancy Underwear Feels Heavenly

It seriously does! You will be amazed at how big of a difference pregnancy underwear will make you feel compared to regular ones.

Even during the first trimester, women often struggle with feeling pressure on their stomach from any piece of clothing, no matter how comfy it felt before. Maternity underwear is affordable and workers at maternity shops are usually sweet and helpful so they will help you with your new sizing (no worries here).

Don’t torture your body with all these uncomfortable clothing and spoil yourself with some pretty (yep, now maternity underwear is pretty too) and comfortable underwear!

4.) A Pair of Soft Slippers Makes Magic

You can never underestimate the power of a pair of cushiony, soft slippers! Pregnancy is overwhelming (duh) and extra comfort is never extra! You will be amazed at how tired your feet felt before you put a pair of nice slippers on.

Of course, you feel how tired your feet are, but just try something nice and soft on your feet and you will never want to leave them again!


Buy Stretch Mark Creams

Start to use creams as soon as possible because your skin will start to itch like crazy and most creams and oils don’t relieve this problem (or for a short time). Stretch mark creams, Oils, and Derma Rollers help with itchy skin pretty quickly, as well as preventing stretch marks which none of us want.

Olive, coconut, and other oils work with this problem well, but commercial brands often work better because of special formulas and oil blends added in.

Itchy skin “attacks” quick, so you better prepare yourself from the beginning!

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, some common pregnancy symptoms can be avoided pretty easily, and they do not require much effort nor finances. Fighting pregnancy symptoms is always better from the beginning, so they do not spoil your “magical” pregnancy time!

I hope these tips helpful to you and your lovely baby!

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