5 Promising Breakthroughs in Family Medicine

Medical breakthroughs are happening all the time, but today it seems like some of them focus on making the lives of families like yours better. The key is knowing what those breakthroughs are so that you can use them. The following are five promising breakthroughs you should know about.


Home Self Blood Test


Blood tests are necessary every so often. The problem is waiting for the results. Fortunately, recent breakthroughs in blood analysis device technology will allow the family doctor to perform accurate blood testing in their office. Rather than waiting weeks to find out if you or a loved one is suffering from disease, these devices ensure results within minutes. This means, with the help of medical professionals, families can more efficiently begin the treatment process, shortening the turnaround time from the onset of symptoms to their proper management.


Digital Consultation


Another breakthrough worth noting is the digital consultation option. This voice-activated device can help you with some small issues without going to the doctor. If one of your kids falls and you forgot how to use your first aid kit, you can simply ask your device for help. You’ll be given the steps to do what’s needed. If for some reason you forget how much medicine your kid can have in a day, you can ask the device, and it’ll give you an accurate answer. As a parent, you’ll always have questions, and thankfully, you’ll have your answers right there with you.


Video Call Appointments


When it comes to giving your all as a parent, health means everything. Sometimes it’s as seemingly simple as needing to talk to a nurse or a doctor. Going to the doctor’s office has always been a hassle for parents. Getting dressed, getting to the appointment on time, and waiting take their toll. The good thing is you don’t have to do this all the time anymore. If you simply set up a video call appointment, then you don’t have to leave your home at all to talk to a doctor or nurse. You’ll be surprised how much a doctor or nurse can do through video calls.


Smart Wristbands for All


Everyone in your family could wear smart wristbands in your family. These little things could be used to track everyone’s health in many ways. For example, it can track body temperature fluctuations, heart rate, and much more. All of this data gives your family doctor more precise information about every person in your family. The data can be stored and transferred directly to your family doctor. The information you give your doctor will be precise and helpful for your overall health.


VR Technology Therapy


At times, families have issues to work through. Some of those issues could be related to phobias or other things like that. For a long time, the only thing you could do to deal with these issues is going to a family mental health doctor, but that’s no longer the case. VR technology continues to get better and better, giving families a choice. This tech can offer vision therapy to provide you or your family members with a chance to overcome some of these issues with simulated reality. It’s a wild idea, but it also helps keep you home.


The breakthroughs everyone sees right now are pretty exciting. You’ve just learned about five, but there are many more. Just talk to your doctor to find out more.

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