5 Gifts For The On-The-Go Parents To Be


One of the hardest things about becoming a parent is feeling constrained — especially when you’re used to traveling or not being much of a homebody and feel the need to always on-the-go. For second time parents, things may become a bit easier as the first baby was practice and maneuvering through the trickiest situations has become a breeze. Still, the new challenge of baby number two is being able to become a pro at being on the go with two kids instead of one. For the parents to be, especially the ones that love to travel, here are a few gift ideas to make life easier for parents and comfortable for baby.


Birthing Classes

For many mothers-to-be, thinking about their approaching to giving birth triggers different feelings such as fear, anxiety and stress. The common reasons for this include misconceptions about giving birth and delivery and many other unknowns. How it will all go, if the baby is going to be alright etc etc. Many different scary thoughts goes in the minds. So it’s highly suggestible to visit some birthing classes. See this review of some the best childbirth classes and choose before giving birth.


Compact Stroller

From running errands, getting around the airport for travel, or meeting with friends for lunch, having a convenient stroller is a game-changer. The best strollers are lightweight, compact, have room for storage, and easy to fold and unfold such as Ergobaby strollers. When choosing a stroller, make sure that it’s also comfortable for baby. Some of the things to look for is the size of the canopy, mesh panels to provide ventilation on warmer days, a comfy seat pad that provides enough padding and can be removed to wash, and you’ll even want to pay attention to the design of the wheels to make sure it rides smoothly. Ultimately, using a lightweight stroller is not only best for your baby, who will feel safe and comfortable, but sleek and modern strollers are usually easier to take with you on your travels than the bulkier models.


Portable Bottle Warmer

Anything portable is any new mom’s best friend. Whether mom is planning on breastfeeding or using the formula, she’ll need to warm up both. Bottle warmers such as The Baby’s Brew allows you to travel anywhere from 8 to 12 hours once it’s fully charged. This bottle warmer can even save a trip to the kitchen for parents who make bottles using formula. Keeping a formula station in the nursery can make it convenient for those late midnight feedings.


Seatbelt Cover

Since busy parents tend to spend a lot more time on the road, using an eZtotZ seat belt buckle cover prevents accidental unbuckling from happening, especially if you have an older sibling riding in the backseat. It’s best to also use one for your toddler and older kids that are using a car seat or booster seat as they tend to unbuckle themselves at times while being curious or playing around.


Shopping Cart Hammock

A lot of new moms get intimidated at the thought of making a trip to the grocery store with their babies. Trying to figure out how to lug the car seat back and forth while dealing with the groceries seems overwhelming. A Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock will allow mom to leave the car seat in the car, while baby lays comfortably in the baby hammock that easily attaches to the shopping cart. Not only does this create more space for groceries, but it also gives moms a break from carrying a bulky car seat in and out of the car.

When shopping for parents on the go, always remember convenience. If it’s convenient, it will make for the best gift as they think about you and how grateful they are in the moment where your gift made life easier.

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