10 Best Weight Gaining Food for Kids

Children tend to gain weight very fast as they keep on growing, generally, children are healthy but in some cases, they tend to be lean and thin. There might be some genetic issues in them because of which they don’t gain weight and are healthy. It is often believed and also researched that the weight and appearance is not always the appropriate measure of overall body health of a child instead, it is just to keep a check on the average BMI of a body which should be appropriate according to the body of a child. It is also said that if the BMI of the child is not up to the mark and if it keeps them in the underweight category than the parents should start planning to give the child healthy and weight gaining food so that they can grow properly, stay healthy and gain proper weight while they keep on growing.

How to check the BMI

The BMI calculator is being used by the doctors or the parents can also themselves use it to calculate the BMI of their child. You can find it online nowadays and all you need to do is to feed in the details that the calculator needs to give you the BMI of the child. It generally needs the height and the weight of a person so that it can give you back the proper BMI.

Children are generally given healthy food that contains all the necessary nutrients a child needs for proper growth. However, weight gaining food is given only to those who are underweight and has a low BMI so that they can achieve the stage of required BMI.

To help some of the parents track what should be given to the child that will not harm their growing body and will also help in increasing the BMI of their body. Below we have compiled a quick list of some of the health gaining food which is ideal for the children. The list is as follows:

  1. Eggs– One of the best source of proteins, eggs can be one of the best and wholesome food that can help in increasing the weight of your child. Muscle tissue and body growth increase the bodyweight of the kids. Boiled eggs are a very good option for them and should be served in small quantity every time so that the dose is not overdone.
  2. Tofu– One of the best sources of amino acids it is also loaded with proteins. Made with the help of soya milk it is the best that can be served to the children in a number of ways and a number of dishes can be prepared with the help of it that will be loved by the children. A source of the number of nutrients, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It can be very good for the kids. Loaded with a number of nutrients it does not contain calories.
  3. Honey– Often used as a substitute for sugar in almost every diet, the composition of honey is 18% water and the remaining 72% is carbohydrates present in it. Since carbohydrates are believed to increase the weight of a human body, honey can be a great source that can help in weight gain of a human body.
  4. Milk– Since it is a food item which is generally served to kids, but you should continue giving your child milk every day since is the best source of protein and calcium. One full glass of milk can help the child have a healthy overall weight in the body. Milk also helps in building strong bones in the body and since your child is growing he will automatically develop stronger bones. Milk is also a food for 8-month baby.
  5. Dry fruits– Available in a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts are a rich source of protein, iron, vitamin, and magnesium. You can serve them in a number of different ways so that the child doesn’t get bored of having them on a regular basis. Top them in ice-creams, mix them in smoothies. They can munch them as a snack option such as almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, etc.
  6. Oatmeal– A rich source of carbohydrates oatmeal is usually the best breakfast option which is probably the best option with which can child will start his day. It is gluten-free and also rich in fiber. The carbohydrates present in them helps in keeping the stomach of your child full for long since it burns slowly.
  7. Beans and Pulses– Another rich source of proteins, they also contain calories and is the best option of food that can be included in lunch and dinner as well. They also contain fibers that are soluble in nature so that it regulates the sugar level and helps in treating mood swings.
  8. Olive Oil– Either top it on the salad or make wholesome meals for your child as it is the safest option for the overall health of your child.
  9. Banana– It is the best fruit that helps in easy digestion and is packed with nutrients. It is rich in fiber and also helps in improving the eyesight and brainpower in children.
  10. Corn– One of the food items packed with the goodness of many nutrients and can also be enjoyed by your child. It also contains carbohydrates that help in healthy weight gain in children.

There are a number of food items available in the market for your children that are a rich source of so many nutrients and can help in healthy weight gain of your child. Some of the fruits and other food items can also be used as food for 6-month baby so that they can get required nutrients from an early age.

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