10 best Golf Equipments for Beginners

The game in which rules, tradition, and dress codes matter the most is GOLF! It can be intimidating to start playing this serious game. Here in this article, I will try to provide some basic guidance on how to start playing golf. Read the entire article to find out the 10 best golf equipments that you will need to start playing the “game of kings”- GOLF!


●    Buy a Golf Club set.

The first and most important piece of equipment that you will have to buy is a golf club set. If you want to go for an easy option, you can try to buy a complete set of clubs made especially for beginners. These golf club sets are not too highly-priced and will serve all your needs.


●      Golf Bag

The second most important thing to buy is a Golf Bag. A golfer will definitely need something in which he can put his clubs. Try to look for a cheap and lightweight golf bag which will serve your purpose and not break your pocket. You can look for bags made by Taylormade as they are pretty lightweight.


●      Push Cart

You will need something to carry around your equipments. You can choose between a pull cart or a pushcart. I will recommend going for the pushcart as pushcarts are easy to move around with and won’t cause any physical strain. One more thing to look for while buying a pushcart is that you must try to go for a pushcart that has a cart bag with it.


●      Golf Balls

Golf balls are something that you will have to buy. If you are just going to start playing golf, then the most practical thing would be to stock up on old golf balls. You can find old golf balls all over the internet, so it won’t be hard to find. Used balls are recommended for beginners because they are cheap.


●      Golf Clothes

As I said in the intro, golf players take pride in their traditions and dress codes. So, if you go to a golf course and don’t want to look like the odd man out then you need to get dressed as a proper golf player. You will need to wear a Polo shirt (collared), trousers and golf shoes.


●      Golf Towels

One of the most underrated pieces of equipment while golfing is a Golf towel. Most of the beginners don’t even think about carrying a towel with them but after reaching the golf course they realize that it was a bad decision to not bring in a towel with them. You must have a towel which will help in keeping your hands dry and wipe your clubs so that it doesn’t become slippery. Try to bring along at least two towels, for wiping your face and hands and the other for your clubs.


●      Sunscreen

As we know golf is an outdoor game that is mainly played on a sunny day, so getting tan lines while playing golf is natural. To avoid any such issues I will recommend using sunscreen. You will not have to walk around with a golfer’s tan.


●      Pitch Mark Repairer

You will need something which helps you in fixing the pitch mark. It is one of the most important duties of a golfer to fix their pitch marks if there is a dent in the mark. Try to go for a cheap pitch mark that will serve the purpose and make sure that it is sturdy enough.


●      Golf Tees

Tees are very important in the game of golf. If you don’t have a dependable tee with you then it will be difficult for you to hit the ball perfectly. There are two kinds of tees-plastic and wooden. Play with both of them at the start to understand which suits you better and then stick to it. I would recommend buying a lot of tees as you are sure to break a lot of them.


●      Coins

When your ball lands in a spot, you will need something to mark the spot. I would suggest carrying some coins with you which will serve as markers. Try to go for silver coins as they are easy to find and it will save your time as markers can be hard to spot for beginners. Copper coins are not recommended as they are pretty hard to spot and there is a high chance that you will not find your marker.

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