Ways to Tackle Common Household Allergens

Nowadays, our homes are filled with a lot of allergens makes our lives miserable. A home should be a place you feel safe and relaxed, but these allergens can prevent that. However, you can tackle the common allergens in your home in various ways. 

Be smart when dusting

Mold, pollen, and dust particles are the most common allergens in our homes. During dusting, make sure that you start cleaning from the top toward the bottom. This helps in avoiding the dust from spreading to cleaned areas. Remember also that you will need more than a cloth or feather duster to remove dust. You can use damp microfiber cloths, as they will hold the dust. Clean blinds, curtains, and ceiling fans. 

Remember the filters

Ensure that your filters are clean and in good shape. These include filters in the air conditioning units and air conditioning and heating system. 

If you don’t have filters in your home, consider adding them. You can get an air filter with HEPA if you have a single room. You can turn your air conditioning and heating system into a filter system that serves the entire home. 

Cover and wash your pillows

Pillows tend to host dust mites. You need washable pillow covers. You should wash them every three weeks. Some pillows can also be dry cleaned or washed every four months. 

Clean your home often

Consider vacuuming your home with a HEPA filter every week. This will eliminate indoor allergens like pet dander and dust mites. When cleaning around the books section, use an electronic or microfiber cloth. This will trap the dust and not just move them around. Remember to use a filter mask when cleaning since dust will fill the air. 

As much as possible, avoid placing your carpet such that it extends wall to wall. Hardwood floors can be easier to clean because dust can be seen during cleaning. You can also clean with washable area rugs. 

Having a clean home is crucial, but most people are always busy, which makes it impossible to clean their homes. That’s why it is wise to get Bennetts services to get your home sparkling clean and remove all allergens.

Avoid pet’s dander

Pets spend most of their time indoors during winter as we do. Pet allergens can be found in dog’s or cat’s dander and in the saliva. You can reduce the danger that they shed by bathing your pets every week.

Avoidance is crucial when it comes to animal allergies. However, you can wash your hands with water and soap after petting a dog or cat. Keep your pets out of the bedroom and vacuum carpet regularly to avoid allergens, the best vacuums for pet hair are much better for this than regular vacuums.

Check humidity levels

Since air is dry during winter, most people use a humidifier to add some moisture. If you use humidifiers to avoid dryness, remember to check the humidity levels. Failing to do so will be creating a perfect environment that dust mites and mold can grow in number. You need a humidity meter to keep the moisture level in check. The recommended humidity level is 50%. You can use a dehumidifier when required and a vent fan for you to eliminate moisture in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Reduce the pollen entering your home

You can keep pollen away from your home by ensuring that the windows remain closed. Avoid entering your home with shoes on or at least have a doormat to wipe your shoes before entering. You can also prevent humidity by ensuring that the temperatures are cool. Dust mites do well with high humidity. 

Clean vents

Allergens can be found anywhere in your home. This includes vents. Cleaning the dryer vent helps in reducing the allergens. Clean the air ducts every year as dust mites, pet hair, and others can build up there. You will be sure that you are inhaling clean air when you switch on the heating and air conditioning system. 

Get Mold Services

If you find that there are molds in your home, the chances are that it will bring allergies to your family. This will affect their health. When you can see visible signs that the mold is affecting your health, consider getting a mold removal service. The company will test your home and offer you the best action plan.

Use medications

The best step you can apply to tackle household allergens is to be aware of your allergy’s triggers. This will help in taking preventative measures. Medications usually eliminate allergy symptoms and make you enjoy staying at home. Consult your doctor on the right options you can take. 


Allergens can make our home unbearable to stay in, but with the right steps on how to tackle them, you can make it much more comfortable. Apply the tips above to reduce allergens and keep your family healthy.

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