What are Viable Public School Alternatives for my Child?


According to recent polls, only 73% of US parents were satisfied with their children’s quality of education in public schools. With that barely passing score, it’s no wonder that so many of them are now seeking public school alternatives!

Have you ever wondered if your little learner might be better off in a different environment?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about different ways to help your kid learn and thrive outside of district schools.


Private Education

If you’re frustrated with the level of education that district schools offer, with an intense focus on standardized testing and little else, this is the perfect place to start your search for alternatives.

Private education options offer a more well-rounded curriculum with a greater focus on academic success. And, in many cases, a more supportive environment for creative kids.

If you think your child would thrive with more personalized attention, better-qualified educators, and an improved learning environment, you should look into the private school admissions process.


Charter Schools

If you aren’t entirely sold on private schooling but feel that your child’s current public school enrollment isn’t cutting it, charter schools might be your best bet.

These schools offer programs for k-12 students, with fewer requirements than public campuses. And, because they aren’t state or government-run, they don’t have to put the same focus on standardized testing. Simply put, they’re the happy medium between public and private education.


Boarding and Military Academies

Some families opt for homeschooling options to help educate challenging children or instill specific values. But, these alternatives lack socialization and can leave some kids feeling isolated.

Instead, consider a boarding or military education, where your child will live on campus surrounded by their peers.

These campuses often offer a more rigorous or structured education, with classes that focus on manners, life skills, and higher education. Depending on the campus you select, this could include preparation for a military career, religious education, and subjects that public school doesn’t offer.



Kids are learning to write in their home environment

You know the old saying – if you want something done right, do it yourself.

There are few guarantees when it comes to your kid’s upbringing and education, especially if you aren’t around to see what and how they are learning. Homeschooling offers parents the highest level of control, from structure and schedule to exercise, curriculum, and more.

Homeschooling also allows parents to break away from some public school offerings that may not be in keeping with their religious, social, or political beliefs.


The Best Public School Alternatives

With this article as your guide, you’re ready to research a few different public school alternatives and decide which best suits your family.

Don’t forget to weigh a few pros and cons, including your child’s learning style, daily commute, other logistical challenges, and your household budget. And, be sure to tour every campus you’re considering before making a change.

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