How to Throw a Destination Wedding that All Your Guests Will Love

It doesn’t matter where you get married. However, it matters a lot how you greet and treat the guests who will come to attend your wedding ceremony. You need to be a little more careful in every aspect of your marriage ceremony when you decide to have a destination wedding to fulfill the dream you had.

Here are some practical tips/steps that can help you to please your wedding guests:

Choose an ideal place

There is a high possibility that you would already have a spot in your mind if you are willing to have a destination wedding. The place may be a gorgeous resort, a particular city of your choice or somewhere off your hometown/country. Whatever the selection you make, start knowing more about it.

In your search, you should keep the comfort of your guests in mind and select the destination where you can keep your guests busy in several activities before and after your actual marriage ceremony begins/ends.

Assist your guests to get ready

Your wedding day is a very special day for you. It is also special for your guests too. They need time for preparation, and you can help them in this regard. After selecting a venue for your destination wedding, you must share venue details with your guests. Ask them to start their preparation a little earlier and get ready before the scheduled time. You can send them a kit with welcome wedding signs and notes, describing date, place and instructions on how to get ready for that particular location.  

Offer transportation to and from

You are inviting people to attend your marriage ceremony, and so, you must take care of their conveniences. Whether you have chosen a city around your hometown or foreign place for your destination wedding, you must keep the transportation in your mind. Hire a small to big vehicle to let your guests from their house to an airport and vice versa.

Host an interactive meeting

In a destination wedding, people have enough time before, between and after a marriage ceremony. They can feel bored or lonely, especially when they are not well-familiar with each other. Before the departure for the wedding venue, schedule a day & time and request all your guests to attend this introductory meeting. On the arrival of all the guests, start introducing all of them to one another after refreshments. With this, you can assist all your guests to mingle with each other so that they can have a well-familiarity with all of them.

Do arrange for a cocktail after arrival at the venue

Reaching the venue of your destination wedding doesn’t mean that the marriage ceremony will get start soon. It will have a start as per the scheduled date and time. There is a gap between the arrival of the guests and the beginning of marriage rituals, even if you schedule the arrival of guests on your big day. Between that, you can treat them to their favorite snacks and wines. In order to escape from directing your people, you can indirectly help them to find their favorite drinks by sticking custom labels for wine bottles. They will be happy to find their preferred drinks without making any extra effort.

Book all the required services in advance

Whether your destination wedding is at a hotel or a resort in a far city/country, you need to take care of all your guests. Fix a seat for every guest and give a wake-up call facility for every morning. Talk to the associated staff and request them to ensure the availability of all the amenities for your guests. Moreover, you can start planning your wedding by exploring resorts, venues, and wedding packages at

Produce a Go Gift for all your guests

Greeting on arrival is not enough. You should take care of their departure too. In your destination wedding, there is a gap between your and your guests departures. So, you should have a proper arrangement for their departure. As your marriage ceremony comes to an end, request all your guests to leave for their home after taking rest. On their departure, present a Go Gift to all of them with a personal note. In the gift pack, ensure to include the essentials that can assist them to get rid of post-celebration outcomes.  


Planning a destination wedding takes time and money. In your planning, keeping the convenience of all the people helps you get the real price for all that you invest. Keeping everything, from the selection of a venue to departure, can make you all your guests happy in your marriage ceremony.  



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