A Few Things About Wood Wedding Rings for Men

You can easily get attracted to a wood inlay ring because of its trendy looks and back-to-nature sort of appeal. Some can also enjoy this choice as it reminds them of their ancestral roots. No matter what, the sustainable fashion piece crafted from the best wood and materials like titanium, ceramic, and tungsten is for daily wear, considering the purpose it has to serve. As it stands as a mark of love and oneness with the soulmate, it can be difficult to evade its allure for anyone planning to buy a wedding ring. Do you want to try this option? Before that, let’s learn a little more about this.

Why choose a wood band?

You would come across thousands of men’s wedding bands in stores, but none can match the wood rings’ magical rawness and earthy feeling. The mix of solid metal and rugged material provides them sleekness, helping them to dodge traditional vibes. Besides, choosing a wood band can also be the depiction of one’s personality. If someone loves being outdoor, it can be the perfect thing for them. Since you get them in different styles, such as refined and bold, you don’t have to spend much time discovering something suitable for your taste.

Do you wonder whether a wood ring will have durability? As mentioned already, jewelry designers understand that wedding rings are for daily wear. Hence, they ensure you can wear it every day without any stress. Some stores use a combination of wood and other tough materials for a sturdy foundation in this context. It will not be wrong to say these rings can last longer than gold and silver. Some of the great options in wood rings include Ceramic, Titanium, and Tungsten.

What are the characteristics of different wood rings?

Each material combined with wood offers something unique for the wearer. You can take an example of a ceramic ring. It will always look new, no matter how long you have been donning it on your finger. Other highlights include smoothness, strength, and scratch resistance. So if you need something to fit into your budget, you can rely on it for sure. Just make sure you don’t drop it from a high place.

You don’t have to discuss aesthetics when you shop for wood bands for men. These rings look stunning in almost every shape and size. However, you can lean toward titanium because it feels light on your finger. With this, you don’t have to lose your sleep over the risks of staining and corrosion. Since it is hypoallergenic, you can continue to boast it on your finger in any season. It doesn’t bend; thus, you can look at it as a long-term choice. It is again inexpensive.

One of the most attractive and durable wood rings is those that use tungsten. These scratch-resistant bands are slightly on the heavy side, though, almost like a platinum ring.

The resurgence of wood jewelry has added another great shopping option for fashion lovers.  If you want to wed in the most fashionable style, it can be your go-to pick without a doubt.

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