Why Tattoos are Ageless and Unprejudiced


Tattoos are kind of like sex, everybody has it but it’s sort of a taboo topic. No matter who you are,  having a tattoo always comes with judgement from certain kinds of people. If you’re a sound-minded millenial with a passion for tattoos and you’re toting them neck to ankle – chances are companies are going to give you a look and may not even hire you. So you spend your career in long sleeve shirts, treating one of your greatest passions as a secret. Or you could be a devoted mother of two with some meaningful designs, here and there and once you enter the ‘keeping up with the Joneses ‘scene, other parents start making you feel self conscious about them. So you end up getting them removed before they label you as a ‘dodgy’ mom. Our world is pretty progressive with some things and is becoming more liberal  by the day, fortunately. But there are other things that remain to be developed – getting tattoos being one of them. Still, you’ve got one life and you ought to live it exactly the way you see fit.  So if you want to get that tattoo, go ahead! Here are some facts and tips about tattoos that will give you peace of mind and help you camouflage into a narrow-minded society – without compromising your individuality.

Women actually get more tattoos than men

58% of the world’s females actually have tattoos, even if it’s just one, whereas only 41% of males have tattoos. This is a perfectly clear example of how what we consider as a ‘norm’ doesn’t always correlate with the facts. What people think of tattoos (being tacky and all) certainly doesn’t reflect on how many people actually get them. The sad thing is, women are more likely to get them removed – especially after committing to a serious relationship or having children. This, again, goes to show how easily we fall into what others think of us. The truth is, however, that prejudice lies within people and not tattoos. If someone gets picky about your tattoo, why not throw some empirical evidence at them and make them feel ashamed – for a change!

Ninja tattoos

Not literal ninjas – unless, ofcourse, you’re into that (then by all means). Rather we’re implying embodying the stealth of a ninja. You want to get a tattoo badly, but you really want to avoid people prodding their fingers at it and giving their 2 cents. It’s simply a matter of fact that they can’t judge what they can’t see. You could avoid getting tattoos in certain ‘judgement danger zones’. This includes any areas exposed by summer wear: arms, mid-thigh to ankle regions, neck, face and hands. Sure, maybe you had your heart set on one of these spots. But a little compromise won’t kill, plus you still get to have your tattoo at last! Your back, ribcage, beneath your collarbone, shoulders and upper-thighs are well-hidden by clothing and thus are ideal places to get a tattoo. Besides there’s something really satisfying about having a secret that’s only your business. It’s kind of like how a ninja feels when he successfully infiltrates a high security setting without anybody knowing.

What if my tattoos get all saggy with age?

Hate to break it to you – when aging, tattoos are the least of your concerns. Seriously, almost every part of your body is going to defy gravity and you’re worried about your tattoo? You’re thinking with the mindset of someone young and who still kind of cares what people think. If you have an old person in your life, you’ll know that they’ve left most concerns and worries in their youth. Older people have lived their lives and have levelled-up. They don’t care about fitting into bikinis or how awful their wrinkles look. They’re more concerned with reflecting on their lives and whether they lived it well and have had good memories. Which is exactly why you should get a tattoo that has a special meaning in your life. When you’re old and wrinkly, it’ll be a wonderful nostalgia that you can reminisce about whenever you look at it.

Style it up

So if you feel more comfortable with the idea of getting tattoos and are ready to put some tattoos on your body  – whether it be a ninja tattoo just for the sake of the art, or want to have a memory to look back upon when you’re old, thestyleup.com will have what you need to get started.  

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