Questions about Your Child’s Car Seat? Discover these Child Safety Seat Tips

Do you worry that your child’s car seat doesn’t fit properly? Or do you find yourself concerned that it won’t react the way it’s supposed to in the event of a crash? As a parent, your child’s safety is in your hands, and placing them in a car seat is the best option for keeping them safe and protected whilst driving in your car.

Sadly, many parents fail to install and fit their child’s car seat correctly, compromising their child’s safety without even realizing. So, when they’re in a crash their child could be seriously injured. Click the link to find a personal injury lawyer. The amount of information out there can be incredibly overwhelming and when you’re worried about your child’s car seat and their safety, it’s not always helpful.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple child safety seat tips for you to consider.

Go back to the store

If you’re really concerned about the way your child’s seat is fitted, head back to the store you bought it from. If the store in question provides a fitting service, then they’ll happily check the seat in question and give you a little refresher on how to fit it safely. If your child has grown and the seat grows with them, it’s worth having an expert show you for future reference.

Too much clothing

In the winter months, it’s normal to sit in the car with coats on until we warm up. However, placing your child in their seat with their thick coat on could be endangering their life. A winter coat is too thick for the straps to perform correctly which means there won’t be enough tension. Making severe injuries likely in the event of a crash. Light clothing only should be worn whilst in a car seat. Cover your child with a blanket until the car warms up again.

Fix a wobbly seat

Seats should never move more than one inch when they’re fitted correctly. So, a seat that moves around loosely even with your child in it, is cause for concern. This is usually caused by the seatbelt not being pulled tight enough. So, when fitting the seat, pull the belt as tight as possible to gauge the right amount of tension. If the seat is still moving, consult the fitting instructions – there may be an error with how it is fitted.

Again, if you’re still concerned, take your seat back to the store you bought it from, or consider some YouTube videos for guidance.

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