What to do if you were a passenger in an Uber car accident?

What to do if you were a passenger in an Uber car accident?

Every day various people use ridesharing services such as Uber. The company tends to complete at least 15 million rides a day. As per recent research, it was said that a lot of people like pedestrians, motorists, and others come across accidents with these cabs.

Even though Uber facilities are convenient for many people, its issuance and policies tend to make compensation for injuries and damages quite challenging. Your chances of getting compensation can somewhat improve with an accident attorney.

There are many times when Uber passengers are involved in a car accident and they are often confused about what needs to be done next. In this blog, we have covered the steps one should take if they were stuck in an Uber car accident.

• Look for Injuries After Assessing the Situation – Whenever you meet with a car accident, you must check if everyone involved, including you, is injured. If you feel you are injured, then without any hesitation, you must connect with a medical emergency team in the proximity.

Even if the injury is minor, you shouldn’t neglect it at any cost. For any help, you can also dial 911 so the paramedics can come to the spot and help you as soon as possible. If necessary; they can also shift you to the nearest hospital. You can get documentation of your injuries with immediate medical treatment. Your accident attorney can then use all these facts to make your compensation case strong.

• Gather Information From People Involved – You need to note down names, license plates, phone numbers, and information from everyone involved, including the Uber driver. If you find any witnesses at the spot, you can also get information from them regarding the accident and get their contact details. The data from your Uber app can also be quite helpful.

• Assess the Scene – You need to write down everything that happened during the accident. By doing so, you won’t forget the essential details and what lead to the accident. If possible, you can also consider clicking some pictures of the scene that will show what happened at the accident site and around it. These pictures are important as they will help during your compensation case hearing.

• Connect with The Police – You can confirm the accident spot with the local law enforcement so that they can arrive quickly. When it comes to accessing the insurance claim, a police report plays a crucial role. This is why you need the police at the spot as soon as possible.

• Contact the Insurance Company – If possible, you should quickly call your insurance company however you should avoid telling them about the accident. You can inform your accident attorney and give your first statement to him. You should then ask your attorney for the next steps.

The insurer is most likely to pay you provided the Uber driver was at fault. You should follow up and make a strong case if you feel the driver was guilty. You should also avoid agreeing to a settlement with Uber or the driver without consulting with your attorney. Avoid speaking with anyone and do not deny or confirm anything till you have spoken with your attorney.

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