Newborn Essentials: 11 Must-Have Items for Moms With Newborn Babies


Motherhood is such an exciting part of a woman’s journey. After nine months of carrying that child in your womb, you can finally hold your newborn. But, as much as it’s a beautiful event, it can be very tiring, especially if you don’t have the essentials.

It’s essential to prepare yourself by having the right items even before your baby is born. Below, we list down eleven must-haves that you need to make your mommy journey easier and your baby comfortable.


Baby carrier

The constant touching of the baby’s and mother’s skin creates this unique bond. And if this bond breaks, this makes your baby cry. However, you can’t go sitting on your couch all-day carrying your baby. Your hands need rest, and sometimes you have things you need to do yourself.

With this problem, baby carriers can help you carry your baby without even using your arms. It’s called babywearing, and moms do it all the time. This way, your baby feels safe, knowing you’re beside him while you still get to do things around the house.



Swaddles are moms’ life-savers. These little blankets create a kind of illusion that babies are still snuggled tight inside their mother’s womb. Swaddles also prevents them from suddenly waking up because of their jerking movements.

Through swaddling, you and your baby get better sleep. However, make sure to search on what’s the proper way to swaddle a child. Because not doing it the right way may bring about unwanted accidents.



Like a swaddle, baby swings mimic the womb, continuously moving and swaying while you do things. This movement helps in putting your baby to sleep. It saves you from the hassle of rocking them about.

This swinging also helps stimulate your babies or even entertain them. Some swings have toys you can attach that your baby may look at. And once he gets to use his hands, this helps them learn things faster.



Who says you couldn’t go anywhere with a baby? All you need is to get a stroller, and you can enjoy your day. Strollers also help if you don’t have a nanny, and you need to do some errands like getting groceries, taking your daily walks, or going to the bank.


Breast pump

Perhaps you’ve already heard it a couple of times that breastmilk is the best for babies, especially important for newborns as antibodies from your milk are the ones that will protect them from any diseases.

Because of this, a breast pump is a definite need for mothers. Here are some reasons why it’s important:

It helps in lactation.
It ensures your baby is fed without your presence.
It gives you a break.


Breast milk is also beneficial in cases where your baby is premature and can’t feed directly to you. At least it’s ensured that what he drinks is still healthy.


Nursing pillow

Another essential for breastfeeding is a nursing pillow. For new mothers, guiding your baby to latch correctly may take more time to learn. A nursing pillow helps with this by making things easier for you and your baby.

It helps in keeping you comfortable and in the process, save yourself from the body pains. If you are breast pumping, it also aids your partner or other persons to continue feeding your child in the proper position.


Nursing covers

Nursing covers are helpful when you need to take your baby out on important occasions. Since babies get hungry at any time, there are times when you need to feed them even in a public place.

If you’re uncomfortable with showing your breast as you’re feeding your baby, nursing covers should help. You can also use multi-use nursing covers to give you the protection you need, whether at parties, weddings, church services, or hanging out with your family.


Burp cloths

Burp cloths are something that you put over your shoulder to catch milk spit that your baby may throw out when he burps. Burping is inevitable, and it happens all the time, especially with newborns. Just make sure to choose a fabric that is soft to your baby’s skin.


Diaper bag

A diaper bag is essential when you’re going out with your baby. It’s where you put everything that your baby needs. You can usually get all of these things at Walmart or Target:

Hand sanitizers
Changing pad
Extra clothes


This bag helps make everything organized, so you don’t need to search for your baby’s essentials in other places. If you have a stroller, you can buy a diaper bag hook. This way, when you’re out in a mall, you need to hand the bag in the stroller.


White noise machine

While your babies are in the womb, they hear humming sounds. They hear the sounds of the sea, the car moving, the rustling of leaves, etc.

White noise machines mimic these sounds to promote better sleep for your little ones. Place this machine beside their crib and watch them rest peacefully. Just make sure you choose a white noise you’re also comfortable with.


Pacifier Clips

Pacifier clips are severely underrated. Babies spit out their pacifiers all the time, but heaven forbid the pacifier is not available when the baby needs it. This is where pacifier clips come in. They are little life-savers that can preserve your sanity, because they keep the pacifier within quick and easy reach, even if the baby spits out the paci.


Over to You

Now, those are eleven newborn essentials that will aid you on your motherhood journey. Being a mother should be fun. We shouldn’t sacrifice our sleep so we can still enjoy our babies’ laughter in the morning.

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