How to Avoid Toddler Tantrums on Your flight?

If you are traveling abroad with your little one on a flight, you should be ready to go through a somewhat frustrating experience. It will be a nightmare for some of the parents. Toddler tantrums can be considered as the main reason why you will have to encounter frustration while you are traveling along with the little one. If you can avoid toddler tantrums, you will be able to experience a great relief throughout the journey.

Below mentioned are some effective and useful tips, which can help you with avoiding toddler tantrums.

1. Get a toy roll along suitcase to the toddler

If you can purchase a toy roll along suitcase for the toddler, you will be able to overcome tantrums in an effective manner. Once you give the suitcase, you can simply ask the little one to pull that along. It is possible for you to find many different types of such roll along suitcases in the market. Out of them, you can even go for a suitcase that has their favorite cartoon characters. Then you will be able to create excitement within your little one to pull the suitcase. After purchasing the suitcase, you will need to pack it with the favorite toys of your little one. In addition, you can also put the items that can cater the comfort needs of the little one on the go. The suitcase will provide plenty of space to store all the items. Then you will be able to keep the little one engaged with it and avoid the tantrums. If you are looking forward to spend such a fun roll along suitcase, you can click here.

2. Set the expectations before you travel 

If you can set up expectations in your little one before you travel, you can effectively avoid toddler tantrums during the journey. You need to do this on the night before you travel. You can simply let your little one know what you are expecting from him throughout the journey. For example, you can convince the little one that he will have to spend few hours on the flight, while keeping the seat belt on. When you set up the expectations early, you will find it as an easy task to overcome toddler tantrums.

3. Always stay prepared

You never know what you will have to experience when you are travelling with toddlers on the flight. Hence, you should plan accordingly and always stay prepared. This can be considered as one of the most convenient steps available for you to avoid frustration throughout the journey. You will often have to experience toddler tantrums when he is hungry. Hence, you are encouraged to take some snacks on the carryon. Likewise, you are encouraged to prepare for the worst during the journey. Then you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind until you arrive at your destination.

4. Stay calm as much as possible

Staying calm can also be considered as one of the best methods that are available for you to get rid of toddler tantrums while you are on a flight. When the toddlers are throwing tantrums, the parents usually tend to freak out. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you will do as a parent. Hence, you need to learn how to be calm when your little one is throwing a tantrum. You shouldn’t scream too hard, or turn blue after you see that your little one is not behaving well in the flight.  In fact, your toddler will not be in a position to listen to you in such a situation as well. Hence, you should never threaten or yell at the toddler. If you do, you will be adding more fuel to the fire.

When you see that your toddler is throwing a tantrum, you just need to do that you are doing at your home. In other words, you just need to stay calm. If possible, you can simply get up and go for a walk. Or else, you can sing the favorite lullaby of the little one. It is even possible for you to distract the little one by giving his favorite snack or favorite toy.

You just need to figure out that the tantrum would not last forever. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t do anything that can make the little one go upset. If you can stay calm, the rest is assured.

5. Focus on your little one

When you are traveling in a flight along with your little one, your attention should only be on the kid. In other words, you should not take a look at the other people around you. Then you will be able to make sure that you have successfully covered all your bases. In other words, you have taken necessary steps in order to overcome toddler tantrums as much as possible.

But even if you plan to focus only on the little one, things will not go as expected along with time. For example, your child will go for a full blown meltdown at times. In such a situation, you shouldn’t get stressed. During a toddler tantrum, the passengers around you will definitely take a look at you. It will be uncomfortable to face such a situation in front of the strangers. But you need to keep in mind that the passengers are also parents and they must have come across similar situations. Hence, you just need to concentrate on your little one. You shouldn’t let your brain to be dramatic in such a situation as well.

There are some of the most effective and successful tips available for you to avoid toddler tantrums while you are on a light. You just need to keep these tips in your mind and you will be provided with the opportunity to overcome frustration associated with toddler tantrums throughout the journey.

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