Flowers, Books, and More: 12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Show Teacher Appreciation

Being a teacher is a tough job, but a thoughtful teacher that kids love and appreciate is even more demanding. That’s why if you find a teacher for your kids that does just that, it’s a good idea to support that and show appreciation. If you’re looking for a good gift idea for a teacher regardless of occasion, here are some options worth trying.


1. Flower Bouquet

A gorgeous bouquet is a gift that won’t ever get tiring for many people. What’s excellent about gifting flowers is that there’s a bouquet for every occasion and every kind of person in your life. For a teacher specifically, they can use it to decorate their table or to beautify their home.


You can look for local flower shops like a Flower Delivery Sydney provider to make it easier to get and deliver them directly to the person who will receive them. You can even schedule the delivery so that it arrives during their break. If it’s a last-minute gift, then a local flower shop is a much better option since it will be easier to get that last-minute flower delivery.


2. A good book

Teachers have committed to teaching and learning themselves, or at least they should be. That’s why a good gift idea for this kind of person in this profession would support that, which can come in the form of a good book.


Don’t stick to just non-fiction books. If you think the teacher you’re gifting this to appreciates fiction, too, why not get them one?


It would be even better if you’ve read the book before so you know it’s excellent. What better show of appreciation would be reading a book you loved and recommending it to someone you respect? Sharing a mutual joy between one another adds that special touch to gifting a book to a teacher.


3. Thank-you card

If you want a quick and simple gift, sincere words in a cute Thank-You card can be simple, affordable, but thoughtful. This gift idea is the best choice if you’re looking for a more affordable gift that you can give.


Of course, giving them just the card by itself is one thing, but to make it memorable, consider adding a personal note there, too. If you’re getting this Thank-You card for your child’s teacher, a cute touch would be to have your child write their message on it themselves. Maybe they can even add a drawing there, too.

You can also insert a gift certificate into the gift card if it is too bare.


4. School supplies

Teachers often have to dig into their pockets to supply their classrooms and give their students a great learning experience. It’s a burden that they take on willingly, even though they shouldn’t. 


Given the constraints they’re working with and their passion for the job, it makes sense that they’ll buy school supplies themselves and not wait for the school to give them to them. With that in mind, a great gift idea would be a bulk of school supplies they can use, but more importantly, their students can use.


A gift certificate to their preferred school supplies store is an excellent alternative to this because you need to know precisely which supplies they need to get. This gift choice is better if you can’t ask them which school supplies they need.


5. Personalized photo books

A sentimental gift idea would be a personalized photo book that showcases your child’s school year. Ideally, it should also contain photos of the teacher in question. 


You can even decorate and personalize it to add tags, labels, and descriptions of the photos. Your child can even add notes on these and a thank you message. You can include other parents or kids to turn it into a celebration of their school year that their teacher can look back on over the years.


It’s a great gift to get your child involved in the creation while creating a unique gift that no one can replicate since it covers genuine memories that their class has had in that one school year.


6. A sweet portrait

A touching gift to receive, especially at the end of the school year, for your kid’s favorite teacher would be a portrait of the teacher your kid drew. You can add a note from you and your kid at the back of the picture and then frame it, which you can then wrap and present to the teacher you’re giving it to.

Again, it’s a simple gift that involves your kids while being an unreplicable, unique present.


7. Customized teacher tote bag

Giving the teacher in your life a gift they can use daily is an excellent present idea since it’s bettering their life even in a minute way.

One great gift idea is a custom tote bag for teachers, which can store and carry plans, papers, school supplies, and more. Not only is it practical, but it is also fashionable no matter the style trend. Plus, since it’s a tote bag, teachers won’t feel pressured to keep it too clean, which is a challenge when using it to carry school supplies.


8. Relaxation and self-care kit

Being a teacher is increasingly becoming an underappreciated line of work, so one thoughtful gift idea for them would be some form of gift that fosters relaxation and self-care.


You can create an at-home spa day kit, including bath bombs, scented candles, snacks, and wine. This relaxation kit is something that they’d enjoy thoroughly on their day off. An alternative to that would be a paid-for spa day that they can claim anytime at a reputable spa.


9. Quote wall art

It is a great gift idea to get some decor that the teacher can hang in the teacher’s lounge, classroom, or even their home. Consider some wall art or wall art of quotes relevant to their line of work. These make for great decor in the academic setting while beautifying the place.


10. Desktop plaques

An end-of-the-year gift you can give a teacher would be a desktop plaque photo of the classroom batch. It’s a great reminder of what they’ve gone through in the year and shows appreciation for how their teacher has improved their life with their mentorship and thoughtfulness.


11. Personalized Stationery

Stationeries are always an excellent gift for teachers. For example, notepads, pens, and sticky notes will always be helpful in their work. To make that extra special, though, personalizing it with their initials or full name is a step in the right direction.

Teachers will appreciate these stationeries since they likely run through them faster than anyone else.


12. Personalized desk nameplate

A personalized desk name plate is an excellent choice for a simple gift. It allows them to claim a desk easily, and their kids can see it for years. If you get them one, it’s a great gift that should last for years as they stay in this career, as long as you get a good-quality desk nameplate.



These thoughtful and, in some cases, practical gift ideas will be appreciated by any teacher. Therefore, if you’re planning to give a touching gift to a teacher in your life or your kid’s life, consider these gift ideas.

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