Feeling Bloated? Here Are a Few Things You Can do to Reduce Period Bloating

Stomach pain

If you talk to 10 women out there, at least 7 of them will confirm that they feel bloated before and during the periods. A few of them have such severe symptoms that their fingers swell, which causes immense pain when they do physical activity. Honestly, this is caused by fluctuating hormones, and you never know how your body will react. Having said that, if you are a working woman, you cannot take 3-7 days off every month due to periods (I believe this period holiday should be granted to women worldwide). This is why you can try a few things to reduce the discomfort to an extent, as discussed below.

1. Reduce Salt Intake:

Sodium is known to increase bloating due to water retention. Anything which has a high salt content needs to be avoided. I know when you are feeling really uncomfortable, you may feel like binging on a lot of junk. I have done it several times, but that made my condition worse. You need to take a little salt in your food and avoid excessive salt.

2. Drink More Water:

This may sound strange, but water retention can be reversed only by drinking more water. Ensure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day which will immensely help in reducing bloating. Water intake will also keep digestive irritation in control, which is a common issue a lot of women face during their menstruation cycle.

3. Cut Back on Caffeine:

Caffeine is known to irritate the bowels if you drink it in excess. It can also dehydrate your body, which further causes water retention. This is why you should reduce caffeine intake during your periods.

4. Make Use of a Sauna Blanket:

A sauna blanket that uses infrared technology is a great way to actually reduce bloating. It has several other benefits as well, such as it aids weight loss, helps in detoxifying, relieving sore muscles, and improving blood circulation. Finding the best sauna blanket will help get rid of period discomfort to a great extent.

5. Try Yoga Poses:

A young woman is doing the one of the yoga poses

I have heard people say not to skip workouts during periods, but that is not really practical. For starters, you may feel uncomfortable during a workout and also due to sweat developing rashes. This is why instead of rigorous routines, stick to Yoga stretches that will help in relieving discomfort without causing any additional issues.

6. Just Take Rest:

This is a very easy solution that actually helps in a great way. Menstruation may disrupt your sleep, which is why you should try to get all the rest you can so that your body goes back to functioning absolutely fine and you feel energetic.

These tips may work to a certain extent, but you may still feel a little bloated in the end. If you feel things are not getting better, you should consult a gynecologist who will medically advise and treat you, which will give sure shot results.

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