Fall Fashion Trends For All Body Types


Fall is here and with it, the new fashion trends have arrived. World-known fashion icons and stylists have spoken and they have the best trends for us this fall. The tattoo frenzy that has been present for a while now and people are more and more inclined to get their own custom tattoo design from companies such as Tattoo Stylist. Some of the things that will be hot this season are bold colors and animal prints, but that’s not all. The color palette still pretty much stays the same, like every fall (fall colors), but there are some other things coming our way. So, no matter what body type you are, here are this season’s fashion trends. 


Bold Colors

Fall is all about colors and instead of blending in with the fall background, this year you will have to add some pop. It’s simply refreshing to see bright pops of yellow, pink and golds this year, and that’s what all the trends are about. People usually go a bit darker during the fall with more jewel tones, but this fall is your chance to make maximum impact. Some of the recommended pieces are a bright mustard dress, vibrant red suits, and high shine sequined blouses and pink blazers. So, don’t be shy to stand out from the crowd with your fashionable pieces in bright colors. 


Romantic Outfits

Even though fall is a bit dark and gloomy because of the weather, that doesn’t mean you still can’t preserve some romance. The best way to do it this year is with your romantic outfit combinations. Rely on dark floral patterns that are always fun and hot, pastel colors are also a safe bet as well as emerald. You can also uplift any outfit with feminine details, such as romantic fall fashion jewelry from Moon Magic, pastel-colored hats, and chic handbags. What is more, you don’t have to rely on brown, black and navy colors this fall, and you can opt for a blazer in a lighter color that you can easily pair with any other pieces, even in darker colors. So, when combining your next outfit, think romantic and feminine and you will look great!


Borrowing from the Boys

Masculine patterns are also hot this fall. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t look feminine, because this is not about borrowing your boyfriend’s oversized hoodie. Rather, this fall’s trends are borrowing the patterns from the boys, such as checks and plaids. Look for patterned suits, ruffled turtlenecks and pair them with delicate jewelry. Also, you can rely on wide-leg pants paired with a checked blazer and you are good to go!


Animal Print

Animal print trends have surfaced a few seasons ago, and they are here to stay. It’s a huge trend this fall and it’s really not going anywhere, so think about upgrading your wardrobe with a few of the animal print pieces. However, some things have changed in the past few seasons. The popularity of the animal print trend has shifted from leopard and cheetah to zebra and snake! What is more, you can really have fun with this trend. For those who like to make a statement, you can rely on animal print jacket or a top and pair them with simple black jeans. However, those who feel that is a bit too much for them, you can experiment with smaller accessories, such as shoes, handbags and scarves. Whatever is the case, having at least one piece in animal print will elevate your look and make sure you look amazing. 


Trends are constantly changing and gaining and losing popularity from season to season. However, this fall has retained some of the trends from previous seasons and granted us an opportunity to try out something new, such as bold colors and new animal prints. So, if you haven’t already updated your fall wardrobe, this is the time to do it and follow these trends and tips. 

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