Why Face Mask Is A Must To Win The Covid-19 Battle?


The world has changed enough after seeing the Covid-19 crisis in recent times. Otherwise, who would have imagined that products like hand sanitizers and masks will become the most valuable things? The entire world has been battling the greatest fight against the most-fierce global pandemic known as Novel Coronavirus. Millions of people are getting infected each day, and thousands are losing their life battle. 


A Catastrophic scenario  

Though the above-mentioned approximate data can be out-of-date due to rising cases, it is a reality that Coronavirus is turning rampant. There are around 15 to 20 million people affected by the virus across the world with the US having maximum death count and case detection. Every day 70 thousand new cases are coming in the US, and total death counts stand at 1,49,000. India, the second most populated county as per many data analysts, could well surpass the US by October. As we know, in a country like India, people are pretty obsessed with their existing theories of life and death. So, it would be pretty difficult for them to understand the health instructions, like always wear a mask and often use sanitizer for your hand.


Why face mask is a must? 

Before the crisis of Covid-19, the people in India, especially in the north parts like Delhi and UP, used to regularly wear the face masks to safeguard themselves from heavy air pollution. However, after the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become mandatory to wear the face mask at public places. 

According to the World Health Organization and Indian Government guidelines, the face masks are highly effective in mitigating the spread of Covid-19. Though it has not certified that the use of a face mask will surely protect you from contagious disease, but it will help you to cut out the chain of spread. It protects you from inhaling the airborne droplets of virus present in the air when Covid-19 infected individual surrounds you. 


 Top reasons for Wearing a Mask 

Sanitizers and face masks are the new normal in the world ravaged by Novel Coronavirus. But, still, people are helping others in need by providing them supplies and support in these tough times. We know it is quite impossible to help everyone during this time directly, but at least we can take some measures that can help people indirectly by protecting ourselves from the disease. So, let’s figure out some top reasons for wearing a face mask-      

To protect others 

Face masks are quite helpful for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. They work as armour for the people while going outside the home. Now, the government has also made it compulsory to wear a mask at public places. It is verified move to prevent inhaling infected airborne droplets of the virus in the air. 

As we know, cases are coming as symptomatic and asymptomatic, and in the condition of later type, people can easily infect other people without knowing they are infected. So, it would be better to wear a face mask to help other people in their prevention.

To protect yourself 

Yes, it will help you to stop inhaling deadly airborne virus,  at the same time, prevent touching of eyes, nose and mouth. While wearing a mask, you would get a sense of alertness and safety. 

Sign of Solidarity

Wearing a mask means you stand united to fight against the pandemic. 

By wearing a face mask, you can show your fight against the battle and sign of solidarity that you are supporting the people fighting as front liners, i.e., our doctors, nurses and support staff.


We understand that it is quite hard to change the habit of living overnight, but sometimes it becomes inevitable to adapt the things. Covid-19 is an extraordinary situation, and in a situation like this, we need to take some extraordinary steps. So, try to wear face masks and make your hands sanitized always.

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