The Effects of Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

If you are a marijuana lover or are new and trying to find a suitable strain, then you should check out Sour Diesel. Its strong aroma and taste make it unique. It has buds that smell like sour gas and fill the air when touched.

It might not be perfect for everyone except you enjoy the smell from gas stations and prefer the smell of stale diesel rather than the fresh one. In this article, we will discuss some facts about Sour Diesel as well as its effects on users.

What is Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower?

Sour Diesel came to the limelight around early 1990 and it is a crossbreed of two strains – Super Skunk and Chemdawg. It is classified as a sativa marijuana strain. Like most similar strains, this crossbreed is used medically for relieving issues like stress, depression, and pain. The terpenes in the strain helps to promote these health benefits. You may want to check out Cheef Botanicals to see the terpene profile.

History of CBD Sour Diesel

We can’t for sure point out the exact origin of this hemp flower, but some persons say it was first grown in New York by a farmer named AJ in the early 90s. Others opine that it was found by a grower named Chem Dog who produced it from a combination of ChemDawg, Skunk, and Northern Lights.

Also, a few people are of the opinion that it is a combination of the above mixture (Skunk x Chemdawg x Northern Light) together with an unfamiliar strain. To date, this crossbreed has gained great recognition among the top cannabis in the world, East Coast particularly, as prices have soared higher over high demand.

Appearance and Aroma

This hybrid has a medium-sized bud with its colors ranging from dull green to yellow. Its petals glow in bright orange color and can’t be compared with any strain in its class. Although this hybrid may not be beautifully endowed like other CBD strains, you may find its true beauty in its aroma.

Sour Diesel possesses a very strong smell like that of gasoline blended with lemon. Breaking the buds introduces its pale pines thereby filling the air with its flavor. And when lit, it could be harsh and cause a cough.

Growth Process   

Sour Diesel plant grows over 4.5 feet in height. Growing this plant is not really difficult and can be easily done within your house or outside. It requires a mid-humid climate and temperature which could vary from twenty to thirty degrees Celsius.

With its height, growers need to invest more effort in topping, training, as well as pruning the plant during the flowering period which is around 70 and 84 days. When planting indoors, it is advisable to keep a clean and dust-free environment. This helps in preventing dust from clinging to its flowers.

Effects of Sour Diesel Strain

There are several benefits of Sour Diesel strain. Its magical feel that would energize you in the daytime and its renowned cerebral effects is one to remember. It is also important to note that while we consider some health benefits of this beautiful strain, you need to consume it gradually. This is because forceful intake and overuse could result in paranoia as well as anxiety.

Medical Effects

Doctors usually recommend the strain to patients suffering from a mood disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and stress. This is as a result of its fast mood-boosting effects as well as its cerebral effects. Those also suffering from chronic fatigue can use it.

Sour Diesel provides soothing relief from minor pains and can produce a feeling of relaxation. When smoked, it serves as a useful distraction while producing a peaceful sensation. This strain might not provide such physical beauties as in typical indica strains but has its own unique health benefits.

You may want to visit to read about the health benefits of cannabis.

Energizing Effects

Possessing great energy-giving effects, it is often recommended to poof a wrap of this special strain on those dull mornings. It could be the perfect thing you need to get you excited and ready for the day’s tasks.

Comparing indica strains to sativa Sour Diesel strain, the latter ranks higher on the energy chart. Its energy effect is so strong that you can consume it before carrying out a very strenuous task. This CBD strain creates a sharp sensation that stimulates your mental state thereby increasing creativity. It can also be helpful in generating ideas due to the higher level of mental alertness induced.

Negative Effects

Sour Diesel contains a high level of THC which could result in anxiety and paranoia when overused. You can start taking it in low doses and gradually find the ideal dose for that feeling you desire. Other minor effects include dry eyes/mouth, cough, and pale red eyes. You can click here to get more information about the side effects of hemp flowers.


Sour Diesel, a strain that became known in the early 90s, has found its way to the top among other cannabis. Its high energy generation makes it unique and a single puff can take you through the day. The benefits of this strain rule out much of its negativity. But taking too much of it can result in paranoia. Therefore, new users need to start consumption slowly until they can find a more suitable dose.

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